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WiFi calling is useless and broken

(Topic created on: 19-01-2021 03:23 PM)

 hi. I have an hi. I have an a20 phone. I bought it specifically because it had Wi-Fi calling and worked with my carrier according to my carrier's list of phones that work. One of the very nasty things about cell phones as you can't return them to the store once you buy them, a cute lil' Mafia thing, no? Anyway I got the horrible little phone home, turned on Wi-Fi calling and ... it doesn't work! I tried the trick where you turn on airplane mode and it wouldn't let me place calls over the Wi-Fi network. The  thing doesn't actually let you choose whether you're going to use the Wi-Fi network or your mobile network,which is assinine. Instead, it automatically chooses between them, which means it automatically switches to the really terrible mobile network with half of one bar which constantly drops calls every time it reads that it's there, which is always. I selected prefer Wi-Fi network, and it had no effect whatsoever. I cant turn off my mobile network, but I tried to trick it into turning it off since you're not allowed to do that on these stupid phones, by manually  forcing 2g or something, and THEN it won't let me make a Wi-Fi call until I have a mobile network, which defeats the whole purpose of the Wi-Fi call function. At this point I have installed a really sketchy little piece of software called "Wi-Fi calling", turedn it on, forced it to choose the 2g network,turned on my Wi-Fi calling in the regular phone, turned off mobile data, and turned on my Wi-Fi. This elevates my phone from half of one bars to maybe one bar. I can't call any place where I have to wait in line or the thing hangs up. I can't make an important phone call or the thing hangs up. People try to call me and the phone only rings half the time. This is bull*****. When will it be fixed? Why is it so stupidly designed? I saw that the Samsung phones that are much more expensive than mine have exactly the same problem. This is the only reason I bought this phone... The one and only reason. Come on guys ...


@KatherineHernandez18: Sorry to hear of your frustration regarding this matter. Can you try powering off your A20, remove the SIM card, then power the device back on and re-insert the SIM to see if this pushes the service through for you? To check, swipe from the top of the screen to the bottom, then again to enlarge the Quick Panel, and look for Wi-Fi Calling in the list of available options. Alternatively, open the Phone app > Tap the 3 dots in the top right > Settings > Wi-Fi Calling > On. When activated, enable Wi-Fi on your device and the phone will automatically select your network or Wi-Fi to connect a call, based on the strongest available signal. If your Wi-Fi connection is too weak, it is unlikely to be prioritised over your network connection. 

I recently got my dad an a series for reason of wifi calling and also had issues. now I am not sure what your network operator is, but ours is EE UK and the tech support suggested the following which does work. go to settings, connections, mobile network the toggle VoLte calls sim 1 to off. this will make sure your phone prioritises wifi calling over 4g mobile network. now might not be issue your having as like say not sure what network your on or if its 4g or 3g, but if hope helps.