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Samsung A52, OneUI3 and dual sim usability

(Topic created on: 20/04/21 11:49)
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Galaxy A Series

Just bought new phone and I am so furstrated to see, that Samsung messed up so badly on dual sim usability. In previous OneUI versions you always had to buttons next to each other both for calling and messaging. Just one click to choose witch one to use. Now it's complete disaster. Two buttons are gone. Only one is left. For calling now at least you can turn on "always ask witch sim to use" and it's additional unecessary click. When driving a car you have always to reach your phone and confirm whitch sim to use, wich is also unsafe. Messaging now is bricked comletely. It's not clear from what sim each message came from and which sim phone will use to send current. Everything is hidden behind menu and if you was unfortunate enough to forget to preselect sim in advance, yout current message will be deleted after swaping sim. What a joke. Ealier we had to separate buttons just in sight! 

Please hear this Samsung! Dont fix, what is not broken! Bring us back phone functionallity ASAP!