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Screen repair

(Topic created on: 23-08-2021 12:09 AM)
Galaxy A Series
Hi so I have a A90 5G and I just dropped it even though it got screen protector on its missed the protection and hit right on the screen edge smashing it
Does anyone know roughly how much it is to repair the screen on these,
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Galaxy A Series

Hi @ajfc84 


Sorry to hear your phone's screen has been damaged via an accidental drop.

Sometimes it can be due to the height of the fall, the angle it hits onto the surface and what surface it hits.

Tpu and Glass Screen Protectors along with cases certainly cam help to reduce the effect of the impact thus reducing the possibility of actual damage,  but unfortunately even with such Safe guards damage can still happen. 😒

These links may help in regards to how to go about getting the phone repaired, and also the various options open to you to arrnage this including a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre or the Samsung Doorstep Repair Service. 

Screenshot_20210823-055405_Samsung Internet.jpg

Disclaimer … 

Please don't quote me on the actual eventual cost of the repair as the Service Engineer would have to fully assess the phone to ensure no other damage has been caused internally from the drop etc.

The Engineer after assessing the phone would be advising you of the cost to aquire authorisation from you to effect effect repair before continuing.

I wish you all the best with this. 

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Galaxy A Series

I suggest you find a private / independant repairer.  Samsung repair service is disgraceful and takes weeks.  You will have to chase Samsung at every point.  They will promise to give you updates, but they never do.