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Samsung music playlist location

(Topic created on: 02-06-2024 03:17 AM)
On both my A8 tablet and A12 phone, there are both playlist and podcast folders. In my phones podcast folder there are a range of m3u playlists associated with the music files on the phone. From my import / export experiments. They are however, not the correct files. On my tablet a similar number of music files and playlists are set, but neither of these folders have anything in them. So where are the actual playlists held? Inside the app?

I fitted a new sd card to the phone yesterday and after copying the folder structure to the new card the playlists that appeared saw missing files, tracks and or album artwork. Some playlists were also missing. 

I know there is an import / export function within samsung music app this the only way to move these around? I've tried this in the past and it's a fudge. And it pretty easy to double or triple up on files resulting in a lot of unnecessary time wasted to cut them back to what should be there. Certainly before you export the playlists I've found you have to ensure any previous export to the same device should be deleted, else duplicates, not ialways dentical ones, will be created.

Is it possible or not to copy / paste playlists without using the import / export. Took me about 5 hours last night to put it all back.