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Samsung galaxy A70 wifi problem

(Topic created on: 01/07/20 00:42)
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Galaxy A Series

Hi everybody. So i have problem with my samsung A70.

It all start with software update from 9 to 10.

Wifi was good on version 9 and there were no problems. But that day when 10. Arrived i have start the update immediately thus my troubles began. Wifi randomly shuts off ( the icon is still there on top of the screen, but with exclamation mark), i sometimes can't browse pages on google chrome but viber and messenger are both operational (wtf?) And vice versa. It gets frustrating when i talk to someone and it shuts down in middle of conversation. Yes i have tried wiping the network data and other related solutions with no luck. My money is on software because i have google the problem and it turns out when update 10 was released it caused problems for some users where the phone was bricked or worse, due to some mistake in code. I belive i was somewhat lucky. Anyway, if you are still reading this, please help me to resolve the issue. Thank you in advance.

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Galaxy A Series

why wifi turning off when screen is locked, i have android 10. Firmware reinstalled in service, i did two times reset, one lucky, next still same problem ,wifi goes off when screen is off, battery saver is off. one lucky time i did reset and not goes to off when screen is off, next time i did reset, and still same happens life before , not turned saver battery. where problem? in a5 2017 i know was be wifi sleep policy and i see three options in wifi settings (keep wifi when screen off,not keep when off , keep when charging), and i enabled battery saver and i set to wifi sleep never in a5 2017, so battery saver is not issue like was in a70

maybe this turn off wifi when i enabled first time power medium battery saver? and turned off , when i did reset not turned on battery saver , and wifi not turned off when screen is Lockedwhen i enabled power medium saver battery problem started again, i do reset hard , nothing changed, so reset did not fix. i never turned on battery saver from last reset time. 
 still DISCONNECTED WIFI WHEN SCREEN IS OFF, AND random turned on again for random hours interal i use in home 4g gps offwifi auto turn on when he knows nearby router name turned off this feature, still turning on itself when i go to outside, and i dont press wifi toogle. 4g i left 5 hours to on to see dissconnected like wifi . so 4g not disconnected when screen is off, only wifi dissconnected when screen is off, in my n8 and n9 not have this problem when i enabled power saver mode in n8 n9 still have wifi when scree is OFF with BATTERY SAVER OPTION AND NOT disconnected.  so where is problem? my s9 back cover water drops had 
 when was rainy day my phone back cover very wet.... as your problem like mine?? i updated to android 10 april 1 . in android 9 hard to connected to wifi. now the problem gone and started other. :smiling-face:  like wifi discconeccted when screen is off . when wake up i see wifi symbol after 5sec ago