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Samsung A70: Unresponsive touchscreen

(Topic created on: 30-12-2019 07:54 PM)
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Thanks for reading my post!


I feel like the touchscreen doesn't feel "snappy" and is unresponsive when inputting small movements, comparing it to my old Samsung S5.


I also noticed that I need to "exaggerate" my swipes in order for the phone to register as a swipe.


I thought it was a faulty digitiser, so I gave it back to Samsung for repair, however, they said it was fine and there was "no problems with the touchscreen".


I've already enabled touch sensitivity but it doesn't make a difference (I don't have a screen protector). I also have the latest update.


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What I would do is visit a Samsung Experience Store or a Highstreet Store that has working retail models on show of your model of phone and hold yours and the retail models together and use them both at the same time to see if they are different or not.


If they are then send further feedback via the Samsung Members App.


Also try putting the phone in Safe Mode which disables any downloaded apps and leaves the stock ones Live and then see what happens.


I wish you all the best with this situation @H20Luis 



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