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Samsung A50 MAJOR issues - No Audio, Videos play in FF, Unable to record Video

(Topic created on: 11-12-2020 08:08 PM)
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Galaxy A Series

The issue first started on or around Nov 4th 2020, where my phone started acting clunky, and ultimately froze while I was on a TEAMS call for work.  I went to restart my phone, and when it restarted I had no audio at all.


I checked all of my settings, it was just not working.  I was able to still text, and told my boss the issue I was having.  Later on that day I found that I was unable to take video, and video on apps like Instagram and/or embedded video would be playing in fast forward, with no audio.  I was able to make and receive phone calls, but the microphone nor speaker were working.   I remembered a few days prior installing the latest update, and I didn't draw the two together until after searching on the forums here.  For most, it happened earlier in April/May - I found it weird that it's only happened to me in November.  I should note, that after an update in the summer - I had lost my fast charging capability.


I bought a second hand Samsung S7 to use in the interim, because I thought there would be a fix coming for the device failure.  The phone (a50) is only 14 months old.


Other people on this forum said they had to get their phone repaired and it was a hardware issue. 


Last night, I installed the latest update which now has me on Android 10, Samsung UI 2.0, and viola! Everything came back to normal after a restart!! This was at around 8:30 p.m. ET, Dec 10, 2020.  


I felt good knowing that the phone was fixed due to an update, and I could continue using the A50 which I found much quicker and responsive/better battery life, etc than the used S7 I was using. 


Then, around 1:30 ish pm today, I got a "System UI stopped responding" message after my phone was in the horizontal orientation, and refused to turn vertical.   


The phone restarted itself, and it is NOW BACK TO WHERE IT WAS with NO AUDIO, and Video issues.  


SAMSUNG - will you PLEASE issue an UPDATE that ADDRESS THIS ISSUE.  Far too many people are experiencing these issues, and it SHOULD be in your interest to find a fix!

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Galaxy A Series

I have the same problem for two mos now. Am wondering why SAMSUNG is not fixing this?? This happened after my last update.  This can happen with all SAMSUNG mobile model as well.  I THINK WE SHOULD AVOID BUYING SAMSUNG MOBILE!!