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A51: screen blackout during setup

(Topic created on: 11-12-2020 06:40 PM)
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Galaxy A Series

While setting up my phone, I noticed it responded very slow to my inputs. After I got past accepting the second step (agree to terms and conditions, after selecting the correct language), the screen went out, didn't turn on. I restarted the phone, boot logo came up, but screen remains black. I then restarted it again, and now even the boot logo won't show up. I can see it's running when I connect to my pc, because it shows up as a music player with no data. I also tried restarting it using the volume down and power button, and with the power button and volume button pressed for 30 seconds, but apart from a little vibration the screen remains dark.


Any help on how I can hard reset the device without access to the screen? Or should I just return it and request a new one?

Helping Hand
Galaxy A Series
I would just return it and get a new one when I got my a51 at the start of November the first one I got when I was trying to claim my free gift it says my imei number had already been used also it was really laggy the screen would stutter and not register inputs I returned it to curry's and got a new device and I've not had a problem with my new one