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Power saving

(Topic created on: 20-02-2023 08:35 AM)
Hamza Maghmoumy
First Poster

The option "limit apps and home screen"


The problems I'm facing:


1 i don't use the samsung internet browser as my default browser and it is always there and I can't remove it or change it

2 the settings app is always there even if it can be reached from the notification panel 

3 when adding an app to the home screen, there is no search option for the app that I'm looking for and I have hundreds of apps 

4 the scrolling between the apps when I'm adding an app to the home screen, is very laggy and it feels like the apps are disappearing and changing their place and i have a video showing that.


suggested solutions:


1Replace the samsung internet browser with the default browser app

2 Replace the settings app with more usable app like the clock 

3 add the search option to the scrolling screen 


I have the S22ultra and my default Internet browser is Samsung Internet but I could use Google Chrome as the default browser but I don't like using Chrome cos of the risks in using it and I find Samsung Internet gives you more protection.

@Hamza Maghmoumy : If you swipe up from your Home screen, then press and hold on the Samsung Internet app icon, then you should see the option to uninstall it (you may need to do this outside of Power Saving mode). To set another browser app as your default browser, head to Settings > Apps > Choose default apps > Browser app, and choose from the available options. 

To search for an app, swipe up from your Home screen and use the Search function at the top of the screen. The Settings icon in the Apps Drawer is embedded, and cannot be removed.