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Nearly out of data

(Topic created on: 10-04-2020 10:54 PM)
Helping Hand

Quick message to everyone wishing you all safety and hoping this whole virus outbreak comes to an end soon.

I am on a super restrictive data plan (my choice) as I'm trying to save money for necessary things 🙂


Keep trying to help each other and be kind , a small gesture could make someone's day just that bit better or be the only nice thing to happen to them that day.


Anyway stay safe 

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Hello @GingerSteve 


My plan gives me 30 gig of data per month, but also any unused data rolls over to the next month so for me that fulfils my current usage habits.  :smiling-face:


WiFi auto turns On at home so that saves my data too.


I too hope the COVID-19 Pandemic comes to an end although from what the official government sources say in the Uk it will always be a part of our society now.


This is most definitely the time we all pull together as a Society to help and support each other. 


Coronavirus has been around for a long time now but as I understand things it's the strain of COVID-19 that's proving to be highly dangerous.


I'm a furloughed worker and can't wait to return to work when it's been deemed safe to do so !


Keep well.


Stay at Home and practice Social Distancing.


🌈 Stay Safe  🌈 



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