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My new samsung a51 has blue light filter issues, and it has now started to give 1min long lags

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I boyght my samsung a51 a week ago and i have encountered several issues with it first is its blue light filter which turns off automatically sometimes even though its turned on in settings, second is the colour issue with screen its screen shows completely diffrent  colours when its brightness is to the zero, third from today it has started to give me a lag of almost 1min long, and the battery is pathetic, it drains so quickly as if the phone is leaking the energy, and what more should be there to make my experience with samsung device more horrible.

Either samsung fix it

Or i am done buying samsung phones onwards

Thank you 

Guys does anyone else also have the same issues as mine?

@Sangwanabhishek: Regarding your Blue Light Filter issue, if you go to Settings > Display > Blue Light Filter, do you have it set to 'Turn On As Scheduled'? If so, I recommend switching to 'Turn on Now', or creating a Custom Schedule to better suit you. If the phone is lagging, I recommend tapping the Recent Apps button (next to the Home Button) and clearing any unused apps by swiping them upwards. You can also go to Settings > Device Care > Optimise Now, to see if this helps, then press the Volume Down and Power buttons together for around 10 seconds until the A51 restarts. If you're still having issues with your battery life, go to Device Care > Battery > Battery Usage, and check for any apps that are using an abnormal amount of battery, making sure to close any of them when not in use. I hope this helps.

Why the health steps are not counting last two days

I've bought Samsung A51 two weeks before. And since day first I am also having issue with blue light filter.


It usually happens when you're using phone and your screen timeout reaches, with either samrt stay ON or OFF, and you press power button to wakeup immediately or a sec later, you screen resume but blue light filter keeps OFF.  Now if you reach your settings for blue light filter toggle On or OFF nothing happens.

This only happens if your 'Lock Automatically' settings are not set to "immediately".

Hence, a software bug it seems. Need to be fixed. 

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I have experienced the same issues, I thought I was the only one..

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I bought a Samsung A51 on 28 February 2020 and at home I immediately noticed that the blue light filter feature itself stops working if we switch on the screen using fingerprint scan. This happens when the screen has gone off after the set timeout elapses. This is utter inconvenience and annoying.

But more surprising fact is that the samsung people are not ready to accept it as an issue..on top of it they are saying since it is on all A51 then it is itself a feature...I am just shocked by such an answer from Samsung..We have been using two A50s in our family. It doesn't have this problem. 

I am shocked with the response feomtheir QA team that this is a feature in itself..;-)

If it is so then why doesn't it happens if we unlock the screen after aome time delay...

Looks like this arrogance will fuether take the company down in their market presence...

Guys please be careful if you are planning to buy A51..



Samsung experience has always been better. I have used note 5, A5; never noticed these issues. Also noticed some noise distortion while playing music or movie. But I think after an update received two  days back, blue light filter issue is resolved. 

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