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IO error! Access to the path /'storage 9C33-6BBD' is denied.

(Topic created on: 28-03-2021 11:28 PM)
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Recently we upgraded a Samsung Galaxy J6+to a Galaxy A20e.  The J6+ I unlocked, removed the SIM card, downloaded a number of suitable VR videos onto an SD card and gave it to my grandsons with a Destek VR5 headset.  I had so much fun setting it up I thought I would do the same with the A20e, bought another headset and even bought a 128gb SD card to cover much longer videos.  The app I'm using is DeoVR, Cardboard based, so Google Cardboard also has to be installed.  Everything worked fine on the J6+ but I cannot access the SD card on the A20e.  The card is shown as 9C33-6BBD but when I try to access the files the message in the subject line above keeps coming up.  I have given permissions to both apps.  At least one other VR app can access the card but is user friendly.  I'd rather stay with DeoVR.  How do I get past this error please?