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Galaxy A52 5G Sim card "failed to read data" confusion

(Topic created on: 12-05-2024 10:40 AM)
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Hi, I have recently received an A52. However after inserting my sim card, I found I was able to send and receive texts just fine, and my mobile data worked as well, but I could not send or receive calls (it immediately hangs up before a connection is made.) After checking around I had seen to check the call forwarding and got the message "Failed to read data, Check your sim card or network connection and try again." I have no idea why it would be working for texts and data but not for calls. I can Provide additional information if necessary, I just don't even know where to start.


@Sekiryuutei: Please try opening the Phone app > Tap the 3 dots in the top right > Settings > Supplementary services > Call barring, and toggle off 'All incoming calls' and 'All outgoing calls' if they're active. 

If this isn't applicable, please swipe up from your Home screen and head to Settings > Software update > Download and install, and check for any available updates for your device. Now, head to Settings > Connections > Mobile networks > Access point names, and check to make sure that your network plan is registered here. If it isn't, tap the 3 dots in the top right > Reset to default, to see if this helps. Tap the Back button > Network operators > Select automatically, and make sure that this is toggled on. 

If the problem persists, power off your phone, remove the SIM card and give the gold contacts a rub with a dry, microfibre cloth, then re-insert it and power the device back on. When the phone has finished booting, check the top left corner of the lock screen, where your network details should be visible. 

To further troubleshoot the issue, please head to Settings > Connections > SIM manager, and make sure that your SIM is recognised, and toggled on. Also, you may wish to head to Settings > General management > Reset > Reset mobile network settings > Reset settings, to see if this helps.