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Galaxy A32 charging portm suddenly started smoking/burning

(Topic created on: 01-04-2024 12:29 PM)
First Poster

Hello everyone,

I'm unsure what to do in this current situation, which is why i'm posting my issue here. For the past few months I have been having issues with the charging port of my Samsung Galaxy A32 4G. It wasn't charging at times, I kept having to plug in the charger multiple times to get it to actually charge. I recently tried to clean the charging port, and this seemed to work as I was able to charge my phone without problems again.

I just tried to plug in my charger, and while it did start charging without too much of a hassle, I immediately heard a sizzling sort of noise. While it was dark in my room I did see some smoke coming from the port, and there was a heavy burning smell as well. I think it lasted 3 seconds, after that the sound stopped and I came into action. I immediately removed the charger and switched off my phone. The phone wasn't hot at all and seemed to be working fine, but I turned if off completely to be sure. The charger and cable are original Samsung products, when I started having trouble with charging my phone I even got a new charger hoping that would fix the problem.

I assume it's not safe anymore to charge or use the phone? I am really attached to my photo's and messages, and I would really like to transfer them to another device with the 20% battery that I have left. I don't have everything backed up unfortunately. I just don't know if it's safe to use the phone anymore. I bought the phone in the first few months of 2021, so unfortunately there's no warranty left. Which is also the reason why I never got the charging port fixed when it seemed necessary. Still, it's kinda insane that my phone nearly caught fire barely three years after using it...

Does anyone know if I can use the phone safely? The phone did not get hot, it seemed to work fine after I took it off the charger. Would it be safe to even try and plug in the phone again (outside in a controlled environment), to see if it still charges? I really want to try and salvage some data and i'm afraid that last 20% of battery won't be enough to sort everything out...

Thanks in advance!


We take matters like this seriously, @ambereth. Please PM Sam_UK, so we can look into your issue.