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Galaxy A14 - Increased battery drain after 10 Days for no reason (regular updates since 2023)

(Topic created on: 21-06-2023 02:12 PM)

Update 2023/2024: Problem can be reproduced 100%. In my situation the problem ALWAYS occurs after 9 to 10 days of system runtime. Device has already been sent for service once. See page 3 for experience. The cause for the Problem is totally unclear. Strong indication that it affects the entire model series Read post

Hello community,

I've had a new Samsung Galaxy 14 smartphone for about 5 weeks and I noticed something strange about the battery consumption. Doesn't have to be a problem, but I find it very unusual. FIRST I would like to mention that I practically do not use the smartphone. It's on my desk 24/7 and I only use it a few minutes in the evening to log into my bank account. That's why I automatically activated the flight mode 23 hours a day using the Samsung routine/modes. The smartphone is set to maximum battery economy. I use my old smartphone for everyday use.

This is why the following picture bothering me now: 

-Significantly increased consumption in the last few days, for no apparent reason. This is the second discharge process since I had the device, the behavior was not observed during the first discharge process from my point of view. Update: I have currently charged the device back to 80% and now the battery still seems to be discharging relatively quickly. Yesterday 11 p.m. 80%, today 3 p.m. 74%

-The room temperature was about 2-3 degrees warmer in the last few days, but that shouldn't explain the matter?

-There is NO app usage on the days.

-Android 13 with ONE UI Core-Version 5.1

Update: After Reeboot the Smartphone seems to have a normal battery drain again. I can only wait for it to happen again

Screenshot_20230620_170839_Device care - Kopie - Kopie.jpg


Screenshot_20230620_170828_Device care - Kopie - Kopie.jpg


It might be down to what's running in the background while your device is sitting ideal, looking at your screenshot your messages app is using alot of battery issue even though you claim you only use it the end of the day to check your banking.

Hello, that is not the case

-In the picture you can see that the battery consumption dropped particularly sharply in three days. One of the 3 days has no app usage listed at all. On 2 days the message app does not appear at all. The first day of the 3 days the message app appears and was active for less than 1 minute and in the background for 56 minutes. However, these should not be exceptional values

-Since I only charge the phone to 80%, the battery consumption of the apps is not reset. The large battery consumption of the message app refers to an earlier period, these are mostly these 8.6%. Strangely enough, during the period when the app(s) were particularly active, there was not this conspicuous battery drop either.

-I think the 8.6% isn't necessarily a lot either, it's only due to the fact that other apps ran even less..I don't even know how the app usage is calculated or should be calculated correctly. The Messages app has been used since it was last fully loaded 6h33. I haven't fully charged my phone yet..


But the funny thing is that I enabled this advanced battery saver mode. On the desktop I have Phone, Messages, Chrome, Settings and Banking App. All other apps are closed and should be closed to the advanced battery saver mode. Of course, various things from the operating system are still running in the background. 

Chrome wasn't closed in the background, but that shouldn't be a problem either. I closed Chrome this morning with no change. My next step would be to restart the smartphone and see if anything changes.




Big Cheese
Don't forget your phone will lose power for some of the basic things.
Processing mobile data, WiFi and Bluetooth, you also have to consider the GPS and finally screen brightness and how long do you look at the screen.

Of course, Bluetooth, GPS are completely off. Ever since I got the smartphone. WiFi is also completely off. It is only switched on briefly in the evening so that I can go to the banking app for a moment. I turned off all these features AND (importantly) didn't change anything in the last few days either.

That pissed me off so much with the last smartphone that the mobile phone standby was sometimes listed as 70% for the battery consumption. Whether it was calculated correctly is an open question, but you clearly noticed that something like that sucks a lot on the battery. That was also the great thing about the A14, that you can activate the flight mode via time control. Now some other ***** is sucking the battery again ¯\_(ツ)_/¯I can't see where that comes from, though.

Of course, I look at my smartphone once or twice a day to check the battery status. But none of that is worth mentioning if you press the button once and take a quick look at it. As I said, the smartphone is practically not used and everything that should consume the battery is off.

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Hello @DrWage 

The apps that are showing usage perhaps pop them into the deep sleep option to see if that helps.

And clear the phone's System Partition Section Cache Files.

Clear Cache Files from the phone's System Partition Section  > You may need to insert your earphones or hook upto a powered On Laptop to access the Clear Partition Section. This may help with lag or stutters as this clears the phone of old/unused or broken cache files.There is also a Repair Apps option in the Menu System too. 

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 

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The advice I offer is my own and does not represent Samsung’s position.
I'm here to help. " This is the way. "


Thank you for the extensive comment.

Restarting the smartphone has currently "fixed" the problem, but it could happen again at any time. Maybe in a weakened form so that it's not so obvious. I would just like to know what's going on and how I can prevent it. I am currently trying to set the smartphone to maximum battery performance and I am also documenting this.


Personally, I don't know exactly what the "Messages" app is for and when I can deactivate it. I very rarely get messages and SMS, but then I have to be able to receive them.


Thank you for pointing out the Carche Files, I'll take a look.


The problem with the Samsung Galaxy A14 and the battery drain persists. The smartphone was last charged 20 days ago and since then I have had the problem exactly twice.

As it currently looks, the problem appears exactly after 9 to 10 days.

I also logged the battery level daily and pictured it below:

Date Battery-Level Temperature Voltage Runtine Operation System
02.07.2023 22:01 84% 25,00 4142 0 Tage 1h 27m 50
03.07.2023 22:00 82% 23,90 4108 1 Tage 1h 26m 33
04.07.2023 22:00 80% 23,30 4109 2 Tage 1h 26m 32
05.07.2023 22:00 79% 23,60 4051 3 Tage 1h 26m 32
06.07.2023 22:00 77% 23,40 4059 4 Tage 1h 26m 32
07.07.2023 22:01 75% 23,10 4058 5 Tage 1h 28m 1
08.07.2023 22:04 74% 25,20 4021 6 Tage 1h 30m 58
09.07.2023 22:00 72% 26,00 4009 7 Tage 1h 26m 42
10.07.2023 22:04 70% 26,80 3984 8 Tage 1h 30m 54
11.07.2023 22:00 68% 26,20 3929 9 Tage 1h 26m 32
12.07.2023 21:28 63% 29,40 3810 0 Tage 0h 0m 51 (Reeboot, because Battery drain)
12.07.2023 22:02 63% 28,90 3930 0 Tage 0h 34m 21
13.07.2023 22:03 61% 25,20 3908 1 Tage 0h 35m 36
14.07.2023 22:01 59% 24,90 3864 2 Tage 0h 33m 51
15.07.2023 22:01 57% 26,30 3851 3 Tage 0h 33m 32
16.07.2023 22:00 55% 26,20 3839 4 Tage 0h 32m 26
17.07.2023 22:00 53% 24,80 3839 5 Tage 0h 32m 19
18.07.2023 22:00 51% 24,90 3825 6 Tage 0h 32m 43
19.07.2023 22:00 50% 22,00 3828 7 Tage 0h 32m 22
20.07.2023 22:00 48% 23,00 3821 8 Tage 0h 32m 20
21.07.2023 22:03 46% 23,40 3793 9 Tage 0h 35m 45
22.07.2023 21:17 41% 26,00 3699 0 Tage 0h 2m 2 (Reeboot, because Battery drain)

That's strange, @DrWage, and I want to ensure that you get this investigated and resolved. 

Have you submitted an Error report, so that our developers can take a closer look at this?:


Many thanks Paul M1 for the quick response.

I will describe the error again in detail in the next few days and then officially report it to Samsung. 

I haven't tried BandOfBrothers' suggestion, but I don't have high hopes either. Unfortunately, I can't reset the smartphone either, because then my banking apps would also have to be set up again. I don't think factory reset solves the problem either.