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Finger print scanner is useless A50?


I've never come across a fingerprint scanner so bad.  I have 3 fingers added, it works roughly 1 out of 5 attempts, I've deleted prints, added again an no difference.  It makes using fingerprint to unlock say my bank app useless, Or fingerprint to autofill passwords again useless. 


And while I'm at it the face recognition isn't really much better, it works fine in a bright well lit area but lying in bed with say just the lamp light doesn't work.   My previous phone an Honor 8X I could lie in bed in the dark and using just the screen light from the phone it worked fine.  


Anyone else have these issues?


Lay update fixed this.

@Bry040 wrote:

I have found same on A70 and A50, Samsung have a major problem here. Face works fantastic for me though, am quite amazed by how fast it is, even in dark. I wonder if it's better with a light background, as uses screen light to illuminate face?

Good idea never thought to try a light background

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Same problem with fingerprint on A50

Useless sensor on A50

Latest update fixed this

Got an update on 1st october 2019 regarding fingerprint issue...but nothing change
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Hi there, I'm also having this issue. My last phone was an Honor 8X which was a great phone with a lightning fast fingerprint scanner behind the phone, but after 1 year, the loud speaker stopped working and the phone line was getting bad. Therefore I got the A50. But it is really frustrating with this galaxy A50. I have to put my thumb like sometimes 10 times for it to work. Sometimes I give up and just put my code in. Face recognition is also poor. Please Samsung, can you rectify this issue?

Also switched from Huawei to Samsung A50. In Huawei fingerprint was perfect, in Samsung A50 very bad. Tried also add 3 fingerprints, but 1 of 5 will open phone. Gonna sell my phone.

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The finger print feature was very poor. Then we got a new software improvement in November, except that it was not an improvement. It did not work at all. Then a few days ago we got another improvement which is also pretty much useless. Samsung have spoiled a good phone by using such a rubbish finger print device. My very old honor phone was a third the price and had finger print at back, where you hold phone, and it was great.

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