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Bluetooth not connecting with anything on A8 since latest update


My phone updated on 22/04/2019 and since this date my bluetooth will not connect to anything.


I first tried with my fitbit, a charge 2. It pops up on the screen saying 'connected charge 2' and then 'disconnected charge 2' after about 15-30 seconds. If I try to sync the fitbit through the app a few times, it comes up saying there is a bluetooth issue and to reset bluetooth, but when I press this it doesn't make any difference. I thought it was the fitbit but it won't connect to my satnav either. For this it keeps popping up telling me to put in the password - it then tries to connect and says it can't. 


I spoke to a guy on the live chat who guided me through clearing my cache and data on bluetooth, and reseting all network connections. However nothing seems to work. Any ideas? 

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And also my car

Also there was an update for my phone today June 4. I updated, really hoping it would fix and change it so my Fitbit charge 2 would connect again. And well, no such luck. Bboooooooo!

I had my motherboard replaced on my phone too, it did not solve the problem.


I made sure I checked my bluetooth before i left the store. What we found was, at first my bluetooth worked. But once I downloaded fitbit and tried to connect this didn't work. My phone would then not connect to anything else via bluetooth. We then removed the fibit app and then bluetooth suddenly worked again for everything else. This suggests there may be something wrong with the fitbit app, so I am going to contact them directly regarding this. 

Interesting! I just uninstalled the Fitbit app and my phone appears to be searching for and finding bluetooth things to pair where it wasn't before. I'll be interested to see how my phone goes in the car tomorrow. I really hope this is the solution. Been frustrated for months!

I just want to repeat here that having my phone's firmware flashed fixed my problem and my phone connects with my Charge 2.

How do I reflash my firmware?? Will this lose my pics etc?  I'm having bluetooth problems since the update to v9 last month.  I currently hate my samsung and want to revert back to my old iPhone 6s 

How do I do this?

You take it to a Samsung centre at an EE shop and they do it.

How do you get it flashed? Its frustrating for it not to connect to my fitbit and only occasionally auto connect to my car (pairing it again works for 5 or so times)

This is still happening? My phone  A8 won't sync to my fitbit alta ... sooooo frustrating 

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