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A52 stuck in bootloop when I turn WiFi on

(Topic created on: 15-11-2022 11:38 PM)
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Hello everyone, 

I have had to go out and buy a new phone as my A52 5g has developed a bit of a fault. 

Last night it suddenly decided to restart itself. But when it restarted itself it got to the black screen with Samsung galaxy on then shut off again this continued for a good 2 hours before it had seemingly corrected itself and restarted successfully. I then noticed WiFi was not on,I live in an area of poor signal so rely on WiFi connectivity. I turned it on and the whole 'bootloop' scenario started again. I have tried the usual getting it to start in safe mode or the hard reset and nothing is working. 

The last update I did was about a week ago and nothing significant happened before it restarted for the first time. 

Can anybody hazard a guess as to what is going on? Is this a software/hardware issue? 

Thank you in advance for any advice given. 

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Can you take the phone to a Samsung Service Centre or Samsung Experience Store or arrange to send the phone to Samsung to have it assessed @Mhall2 as this could possibly be your next step.

If a factory reset hasn't resolved the issue.

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 


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Have tried resetting Network settings? Reset network settings, restart your phone and then setup the wifi again. Check if this helps.