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Serious software issue detected

(Topic created on: 26-04-2024 06:44 AM)
I need to fix it
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Hi! My phone (a71) turned off a couple of days ago due to low battery. When i charged it and booted it back up, I got a system message saying "Serious software issue detected

A software problem was detected during startup. Check for a system software update, which may resole the issue". I cant check for update because my phone wont connect to wifi or hotspot. It's stuck on the "phone i starting..." part. I have access to some settings so ive tried a couple of things. But i cant access my files which is the most important bit. I haven't backed them up so i refuse to factory reset.

Ive cleared caches, booted up in safe mode, reset all settings, you name it. I even took it to the service point from where i got my phone a couple years ago and they said just to factory reset it which wasn't very helpful. Also on occasion it will restart on its own and just be stuck in a loop of restarting for like 5 mins.

Any other suggestions or solutions? Also what is the most direct way to get in contact with someone from samsung? Is here any good?

Did you even try a full factory reset?

@I need to fix it: Based on the nature of your query, and the troubleshooting steps you have already attempted, I recommend reaching out to the relevant support team in your region, who will be able to arrange for the phone to be inspected and repaired by an authorised Samsung engineer. 

With this in mind, please head to > Scroll to the bottom of the page > Contact us (or check the 'Support' section), and get in touch via your preferred channel, and an advisor will be on hand to assist you further.