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A40 battery and other issues

(Topic created on: 14-09-2019 06:34 PM)
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Hi, I bought a Galaxy A40 and it's quite decent, but I've noticed a few issues that I hope Samsung can fix via software update.


1) Standby battery drain seems much higher than on my other Android Pie phones, not sure why that is, I don't see the same issue on other very similar Samsung phones either (A8). Some reviewers have also noticed that the stanby drain isn't as great as might be expected. I hope this is because of some underlying software issue that will be fixed, and that Samsung can look into this.

2) I thought screenshot shortcuts were now standard (Pie feature?), especially in the power menu etc, there doesn't appear to be anything like that on the a40, why? It's extremely useful.

3) Camera app automatically adjusts (and increases) brightness, usually when screen brigthness is low. There appears to be no way to configure this, very annoying!

4) Also can't override adaptive brightness in bright light, the phone wants to use maximum brigthness even when I don't need it? Doesn't make sense.

5) It's quite strange but it feels like the left / right swipe motion isn't as sensitive as on other phones, including other Samsung phones (A8 etc). This means that the left / right swipe doesn't appear to register even when I feel like it should, what might be the issue here?


Thanks for any help.