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Windows 11 - Big disappointment.

(Topic created on: 05-10-2021 05:46 PM)
Time Based Bob
Computers & IT

So far Windows 11 is turning out to be a big disappointment, battery life is down, cpu activity is up, push notifications, widgets and marketing are difficult to disable. The interface and apps locations seem to be worse than before. Icons need precision accuracy or do not open.  

Lets hope that the final version is better.

Regarding my two Samsung Galaxy book S models, I can report the following (After some 30 adjustments to improve performance and remove or disable unwanted apps and services)

Galaxy Book S i5 - 157 processes running. 35% Memory, 2% CPU, Battery at 98% = 21 hours.

Galaxy Book S Qualcomm - 120 processes running. 33% Memory, 2% CPU, Battery at 98% = 22 hours 21 minutes (Running Windows 10 - battery at full charge indicated 28 hours)

Summary - Windows 11 brings no improvement.

Notes / Questions -

UK Qualcomm driver update link for the Galaxy book S does not work.

Power % settings in control panel reappear after installing Win 11. Why is default Qualcomm set at 56%.

Why is the Qualcomm WiFi performance lower than the Intel. 25mbps v 68 mbps in my case.

I asked Samsung support but they don't know.

Bob UK.

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Give it a chance!! You've just installed it and it will use more battery, CPU etc while it's setting up, installing updates. It's basically win 10 under the hood so nothing really different apart from the front end.
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No android function/ emulation until 2022
Samsung Maker ★
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Talked about this a while ago, though was not involved in a Beta and not going to  downloaded yet though I do have one   compatible device. Not a major upgrade anyway and I am not a big gamer.

For latest information see here: 

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.

My Device- S21 Ultra 5G ( SM-998B/DS ) CSC= BTU , 12GB/256GB
One Ui 5.0,Android 13 .

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Zero day adoption on a device? Did Windows Update offer the upgrade or did you force install it from an ISO? If the latter you shouldn't expect perfection as your device won't have all the necessary driver updates for the new kernel stack W11 uses yet. It's not entirely W10 underneath, there are substantial code changes to the kernel which influence how hardware is controlled. Expect some BSODs as well...