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WIFI turns off , win 10 while playing online games

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Hello all;

I have a note book model: NP-RF511-S04AE , win 10 .

I am connected to internet via portable mobile wifi from Huawei : E5573s-856 model . like this one below 



My internet keeps switching off many times , sometimes my connection to the wifi being disconnected , or just internet is not connected (yello sign on my wifi icon down next to times bar )


I had to disconnect my computer then reconnect it again to the wifi network so that internet could work again .
this happens many times especially when i play online game like PUBG , via tencent emulator .


any suggestions for that .?

Thank you .


Hi @mokhtarawwad 


Are you still having this issue or did you manage to find a fix?

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I understand you very well, I often had problems with the portable wifi internet. Once I was in a Dota tournament, it was a very important game for me, I waited a few months that day. And let's face it, I wasn't lucky, the internet was in trouble. The main one I prepared in advance for that tournament, I made mmr boost for dota 2. The problem is on the internet via portable mobile wifi, buy another one and I'm sure you will not have such problems with the internet.

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