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Samsung Odyssey G7 27" random turning off issues (Model C27G75TQSR)

(Topic created on: 14-01-2024 04:50 PM)
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Hello everyone,

I'm coming to post here because I bought a Samsung Odyssey G7 monitor recently and I got some issues using it.
To begin, I am mainly using this screen plugged in a RTX 4060Ti 16Gb with a Display Port 1.4 cable on my desktop computer, but I also use it on an MSI GS65 Stealth laptop and a MacBook pro with a HDMI 1.2 cable. I am also using the screen as a hub for my mouse and keyboard.

Everything was going alright until I started playing games at 240hz framerate. When I started to do that, after less than 30min, the screen would turn off on its own and eventually the core light and connected keyboard/mouse would turn back on after ~5min but not the screen itself. Unplugging and replugging the screen would fix this but it would still occuring again and again. I did install the latest firmware version and have both the screen and graphic card drivers up to date.
Meanwhile, I was using both laptop cited with 144hz HDMI 1.2 connection for work (so no intense gaming use) and never got the issue in that context, even after 8h straight.
So then I started going back to an HDMI connection at 144hz and played a variety of games without noticing any issue for a week, until it happened again with that setup. I contacted the support about that matter and they made me do a reset followed by a power cycle, but the issue came back the day after, so I started to do some tests.

1° tests settings: 240hz, response time faster, DP 1.4, HDR On, Adaptive Sync Off:
The screen would get the issue after ~15min playing Overwatch 
- I tried both of the DP ports on the screen, and on the graphic card = no changes
- Then I tried to change the response time in the screen parameters = no changes
- Turned off the HDR = no changes

2° tests settings: 144hz, response time faster, DP 1.4, HDR On, Adaptive Sync Off:
Issue appeared after ~30min playing Overwatch
- Tried to use an HDMI 1.2 instead = no changes
- Tried to change response time = no changes

3° tests settings: 120hz, response time faster, DP1.4, HDR On, Adaptive Sync Off:
 No issue after playing Overwatch for 2h and Lego Fortnite for 3h
But this afternoon when I turned on my computer and screen, the screen would appear black despite the core light and mouse/keyboard being on. I unplugged and replugged the screen to fix this and played Lego Fortnite again for 1h without having any issue, but then I turned back the screen setting at 144hz and got the issue after 1h. I turned back to 120hz and it's been 3h without issue.

I also noticed that, if unplug/plug would work instantly on the first issue, after the 3rd in a series, the screen wouldn't turn back on after an unplug/plug.
So all of that makes me think that there is a potential overheating issue under intensive use, but both the screen and alim block don't seem to be hot when I'm trying to check by touching.

I hope all of this makes sense, I think I'm gonna do a last test with another alim cable, but I can only replace the part going from the socket to the alim block, so if the alim block is faulty, it will not change anything.

Since the screen is still under warranty, I will contact the samsung support again.

Thank you for reading my post!

EDIT: I found a suitable cable to connect the AC/DC adapter, but the original I got is a 3A / 250V whereas the one I took from my PS5 is a 5A / 250V so I don't want to risk it unless I have the confirmation it is alright.

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Try turning off adaptive-sync. I had the same problem and it stopped after I turned it off.