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Shocking Customer Support

(Topic created on: 19-12-2022 06:41 PM)
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I purchased a Samsung laptop on 2nd November, on the 5th of December it developed a fault (Would not Charge)
I contacted my supplier but they informed me that as it was over 28 days I would have to deal directly with Samsung.

I contacted Samsung on their chat box and spent over 45 minutes on there only to be advised to return to store.

I did return but was told by the, that as it was over 28 days it was Samsung's responsibility.

I went back on chat box - another 45 minutes later Samsung agree they will repair and arrange a courier to collect.

Great you think.. NO they text me at 0650 to say collecting at 0930 - NO can do I leave for work at 0630 so was on way to work.

Next day contact me at 0901 - we will collect at 0953 - NO can Do I'm already at work.

I then arrange collection from my wife's company address - they say they will arrive between 1700 & 1800 and do not attend.

Now today they were arriving between 0937 and 1037 and again do not attend.

I ring Samsung and between conversations with three members of staff lasting 45 minutes I'm advised DPD will collect and I'm a priority (That what they said last time)

I'm now waiting for DPD to contact me, for the 5th time.

This is the worst customer support I have ever experience - shame as product was good as you expect from Samsung.

Watch this space