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Samsung Odyssey G7 27" Flickering & other issue.

(Topic created on: 01-09-2020 01:40 AM)
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My previous monitor was a Dell S2716DG which had a G-Sync module, so I had no issues at all.

I've had my G7 27" for a few weeks now, I have been experiencing really bad screen tearing and other issues with the image that is almost like motion blur. It is extremely noticeable in some games like Red Dead Redemption 2 regardless of the frame rate. The display should be synchronising the refresh rate with the frame rate, but when I look at the information panel on the display the refresh rate is jumping wildly all over the place. This seems to be happening in all games, it just appears more obvious in some games than others.


I have heard nothing from Samsung regarding the flickering, it is a very common complaint with this display from both other users and even reviewers... Is there a planed firmware update to fix this? The display should not have "G-Sync Certification" if it flickers. I could fill a book with the amount of complaints I have seen regarding this issue.


  • My GPU is a GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 with the firmware update for DisplayPort 1.3/1.4 support.

  • Monitor is using the newest firmware 1006 & dynamic brightness is off.

  • Newest NVIDIA Driver 452.06 fresh install (DDU) - G-Sync is enabled in control panel and Adaptive-Sync is enabled on the monitor.

  • Tried both 10-bit 144Hz & 8-bit 240Hz
  • Windows 10 Pro Version 2004.

  • The Adaptive Sync range of this display (G7 27" Model) is listed as 60-240Hz by both Samsung & NVIDIA.

Video of the issue -

As you can see my frame rate is sitting at 64fps, but the refresh rate is having a panic attack. Resulting in really bad screen tearing and stuttering. It doesn't matter if my frame rate is 100+ the issue still happens. The Adaptive-Sync is definitely enabled, as the refresh rate would be at a static value if disabled. I also have the G-Sync indicator enabled which says G-Sync is enabled on screen.


(Another issue...)

I have recently disabled Adaptive-Sync due to the flickering issues and I have noticed that if Adaptive-Sync is disabled, the display forgets my settings. For example if the display is turned off or goes to sleep, my colour settings are reset, my brightness is set back to 100 and the picture options are greyed out and can't be changed. The only way to fix this is to enable Adaptive-Sync on the monitor and disable it again. (This issue doesn't happen if Adaptive-Sync is enabled)

Picture of the bugged settings menu - 


I have tried firmware 1005 and 1006 but the monitor keeps resetting my settings. So basically I have to choose between flickering or my display constantly resetting itself... I am started to lose my patience with this monitor. It is plagued with issues!


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Samsung should take care of this. I guess it doesn't stand behind samsung products. It's been a long time, but there is still no solution.


Wow, still no answers from Samsung? Imagine a Lawsuit for knowingly selling a defective product, as my second G7 monitor came with the same error of having horizontal scan lines on some color shades and pixel inversion issues.


Still no update.. /sigh

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Sent mine in for repair 6 times because they broke it even more than just the flickering , then told me to do one , morally bankrupt company.! never buy anything else off these lot ever again . 


Hi @Alanakko , That doesn't sound good or how things should have gone at all.


If you're UK/Ireland-based, and you'd like the team here to look into it for you, feel free to send us a Private Message with your contact details and any relevant info (e.g. reference numbers) to our @Sam_UK  account ( Guide on how to send a Private/Direct Message here if you need it:  


You can also get in touch with us on our socials @SamsungUK - if you haven't done so already.