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Samsung Magician 'Unable to get the volume information'


I recently updated my Samsung magician software to 6.0.0 and when trying to set up over provisiong a message stating that the software was 'Unable to get the volume information - Check that you can access the volume using [Computer Management - Disk Management]', therefore preventing me from over-provisioning. In addition to this issue I am also prevented from enabling rapid mode.

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Guys i have problem with overprivisioning in samsung magician it like said disk management,  is that only me or u guys same? 



Could you go through the steps you took to resolve the issue?


Sorry, but I could not resove that issuse! We got two Laptops and one Desktop. Only on one Laptop SM works propperly. Other Software have to do the job, that SM would not do. We don't really know why

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I had the same issue.

I did repartition my drive using AMOEI Partition Manager free edition and made sure enough unallocated space at the end of the disk.

Then Magician was able to recognize the unallocated space as OP.

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You don't have to reinstall Windows (unless it's the c:drive), but just delete the harddrive from within Disk manager. Of cause this only works if you have an external or another drive you can use temporarily. 

Here's a short guide.


  1. Hit WIN+X and choose Disk manager
  2. Find your drive, right click and choose delete
  3. Right click on the same drive and choose new volume.
  4. Go through the steps and your done.
  5. Close samsung magician and open it again.

BOOM.. This worked for me 😁😎

It’s a c:drive … And if I would delete it, I would be in trouble!

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