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Samsung Magician 'Unable to get the volume information'


I recently updated my Samsung magician software to 6.0.0 and when trying to set up over provisiong a message stating that the software was 'Unable to get the volume information - Check that you can access the volume using [Computer Management - Disk Management]', therefore preventing me from over-provisioning. In addition to this issue I am also prevented from enabling rapid mode.


I only fixed this problem by reinstalling windows sadly. Samsung weren't much help in this department, I don't think their support even knew what happened. 

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Looks like they're not really interessed. So I'm waiting for the next Version of SM, 7.0 or so. Hopefully, they have fixed it then!

Try creating new account or login windows with no spaces. Check if rapid share and over provisioning will work.

Even with the new Version 6.1.0 it doe not work

Did you try create an new windows user account with no space? I have the 6.1 version it has that problem. Rapid Mode can't be turned on and over-provisioning gives an error "unable to get the volume information". On over-provisioning, you have to have a free raw partition for it to work depending on how much percentage you want to allocate.

Rapid mode works, also overprovioning, but Diagnostic Scan still does not work.

End of the week I'll perform a complete formation, then install. erverything new.

This did work with my LapTop, so I'll do that with my wife's one too. With my desktop, I'll

be waiting for a more suitable solution.

It appears some version of the magician have issues with the marvell and asmedia controllers. I have an asmedia controller and the diagnostics is not supported as well.

check this out:

I contacted samsung support a few weeks back and submited the bug about the rapid mode and over-provisioning. They just told me to just keep using the account with no space. They're simply not intrested. Most likely there won't be a fix soon.

Yes ... I know, they're not interested! But I'll wait till the end of this week, bekause then I'll have a complett new

            Win 10 install. ... Should be fine then.

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For me, going to a dynamic volume type, which spanned two M.2 cards (making a 4TB drive out of two 2TB 970 Evo+ cards in an MSI Z490 i9 Godlike mobo) caused volume info to be lost. Win 10 64 Disk Mgt reports it correctly. Guess Samsung are just a bit slow to catch up with the App for this basic use of their drives.


I had OP set before I combined them, but can no longer adjust it nor benchmark them. Wondering if OP is doing anything except wasting capacity... Other drives are reporting and behaving as expected.


Just posting here as plenty of www references to the lost volume info and nobody has put up an answer beyond reinstall. So if yours don't show as Basic type  in Disk Mgt, maybe this is the core issue... I am not bothering about it further as PC seems fine in all regards...

Now is the the new Version 6.2.0 out ... But still the same: It does not work!"Your Volume is'nt supportet"!



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