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Samsung Magician 'Unable to get the volume information'


I recently updated my Samsung magician software to 6.0.0 and when trying to set up over provisiong a message stating that the software was 'Unable to get the volume information - Check that you can access the volume using [Computer Management - Disk Management]', therefore preventing me from over-provisioning. In addition to this issue I am also prevented from enabling rapid mode.


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I only fixed this problem by reinstalling windows sadly. Samsung weren't much help in this department, I don't think their support even knew what happened. 

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Please phone or e-mail the dedicated team for the fix:


phone : 00800-8010-8011 / 0031-493-326-633 Business hours : 08:30-17:00 (Mon-Fri)



Thanks ☺


I have sent the email, thank you much appreciated :smiling-face:

I received an identical error message when selecting over-provisioning after upgrading Samsung Magician from to After opening a ticket at I was asked for an additional screenshot of the error message that I had already provided so  I lost some confidence and chose to perform some basic PD/PSI.

They might have asked for the SM6 log instead. Even leaving the default log levels in place it seems quite useful. Mine was located at directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Samsung\Samsung Magician\Log\.

For overprovisioning check for INFO and ERROR category of component BOVG (bovg.dll). 

As an example this was my failure.

07-10-2019 16:40:23 INFO     OverProvisioning  OverProvisioning::ShowView                   1156  Enter Over Provisioning screen False
07-10-2019 16:40:23 INFO     OverProvisioning  OverProvisioning::RequestInfo                62    Getting configuration of Over Provisioning is started.
07-10-2019 16:40:23 INFO     BOVG              OverProvManager::AnalyzeVolume               150   AnalyzeVolume: Start
07-10-2019 16:40:23 INFO     BOVG              OverProvManager::AnalyzeVolume               161   AnalyzeVolume: GetDiskSize: done
07-10-2019 16:40:23 INFO     BOVG              BasePartitionWorker::FillDriveLabelAndPath   164   FillDriveLabelAndPath: For loop start
07-10-2019 16:40:24 INFO     BOVG              BasePartitionWorker::FillDriveLabelAndPath   247   FillDriveLabelAndPath: For loop end
07-10-2019 16:42:54 ERROR    BOVG              BasePartitionWorker::FindMinNewPartitionSize 681   FindMinNewPartitionSize: Failed to execute queries. Operation timed out.
Microsoft DiskPart version 10.0.18995.1
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation.
On computer: T430-20H1
Disk 0 is now the selected disk.
Partition 9 is now the selected partition.
There is no volume in focus.
Select a volume and try again.
07-10-2019 16:42:54 ERROR    BOVG              BasePartitionWorker::AnalyzeVolume           128   AnalyzeVolume: Failed to FindMinNewPartitionSize.
07-10-2019 16:42:54 INFO     BOVG              OverProvManager::AnalyzeVolume               198   AnalyzeVolume: End
07-10-2019 16:42:54 ERROR    OverPrivisioning  OverProvisioning::RequestDone                138   Operation returned an error.
07-10-2019 16:42:54 INFO     OverProvisioning  OverProvisioning::RequestDone                189   Getting configuration of partition is completed.

It could be circumvented by changing partition type GUID for some Linux partitions from 0fc63daf-8483-4772-8e79-3d69d8477de4 (Linux filesystem) and 0657fd6d-a4ab-43c4-84e5-0933c84b4f4f (Linux swap) to old style ebd0a0a2-b9e5-4433-87c0-68b6b72699c7 (Microsoft Basic data partition). Might be that SM6 can't handle the new GUIDs.

Your cause might be totally different but the log might help as well.

@Josh8 wrote:

I have sent the email, thank you much appreciated :smiling-face:

Welcome ☺

Sorry, but I got the same problem concering: Over Provisioning - Unable to get the volume information. My Desktop and my wifes Laptop are working as they should (SM 6.00.1 Version). But nothing worke with my LapTop! Previous Version of SM did the job, but not this Version ...


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Hi there,


I recently just purchased an 860 Evo, put it in my pc and cloned my 1TB hard drive onto it so that I could boot onto it (it was 680GB full). It's detected by the magician, lets me optimise performance, complete diagnostics etc. but it doesn't allow me to overprovision. Instead, it reads: "Unable to get the volume information. Check that you can access the volume using [Computer Management - Disk Management]." which I can.


Help would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry, ... but I got no solution at all! Samsung could not help and there has ben
no answer from the community. What I had to was a complete new installation.
Now it work's as it should. Neither I, the community nor Samsung could detect, why it
would'nt function properly. Only a complete new intallation did the job ... :-//

... greetings & God bless,
from Germany:

Hans-Joachim Hoff


Same problem. Magician worked on all versions, but after upgrading to magician 6, overprovisioning options got grayed, and  it cannot be configured.



I had opened a problem ticket with and provided all information to fix the problem. Instead of frowarding to development they kept keeping me busy by providing screen shots. Afterwards they never responded anymore and ignore all mails asking for status updates.

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