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Samsung Galaxy Book S Qualcomm Version - Power Settings

(Topic created on: 02-10-2021 09:57 AM)

Dear All.

I noticed after installing Windows 11 on my Samsung Galaxy Book S Qualcomm version that in Power Options, Processor Power Management that percentage settings (Not previously shown) have appeared. The minimum default on both battery and power is strange at 56%. I have re-set running on battery to 5%.

Questions -

I assume Qualcomm Snapdragon can speed step like Intel.

What are the settings recommended by Samsung ?

Please note that my previous battery full charge life at 28 hours is now at 22 hours after the Windows 11 install.

I expect this to improve with adjustments to services running.

Please also note that after installing Windows 11 I had high CPU activity around Microsoft Office Prof Pro 2019 (Which I'm assuming got damaged during the Win 11 install) and I had to do an online repair.

Please advise if you are familiar with the above.