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Samsung G7 Odyssey Black Screen

(Topic created on: 18-01-2021 01:58 AM)

So my 27" G7 seems to be having an issue where the screen will go black randomly and seemingly for no reason, IT DOESNT FLICKER, it goes black and stays black (backlight still on, OSD unavailable). The ONLY way I have found to solve the issue is to hold the power button down for 5-6 seconds which seemingly resets the monitor as all my settings are then lost (or turning it off and back on by unplugging the power).

I have only noticed the screen going black when gaming or watching Youtube 😕

I really hope there is a fix out there as I dont want to have to go through the hassle of sending it back and then waiting for a replacement, especially when Samsung Customer Support have already told me this can take 2 weeks total (out of stock atm so god knows how long it would actually take). I am also working from home due to lockdown and its my only monitor currently. If there isnt a fix and my only option is to send it back, I will likely just refund and find another monitor, which I dont want to do either as I really like this one (when it works lol).

I am running an older build PC (6700k, GTX 980 Ti, 16GB RAM) so dont know if this maybe has something to do with it? I have a new build sat next to me but waiting for a 3080 so unfortunately I cant test my theory.

So far I have tried:

  • Praying to Lord Gaben
  • 2 different DP cables
  • HDMI
  • All Ports
  • Firmware is updated
  • Nvidia Drivers are up to date
  • Windows is up to date
  • Monitor drivers are installed
  • Adaptive Sync Off
  • Fully resetting the monitor, uninstalling drivers etc.
  • HDR is not turned on (not available on my GPU anyway)
  • As I am writing this I have found out about a firmware update for my GPU that supposedly solves an issue on my GPU with DisplayPort 1.3/1.4, I havent tested this yet. - Although I did also try changing the DP version on the Monitor to 1.2 with no luck. **UPDATE - Didnt work!

Thanks in advance to anyone that gives me advice or anything else to try that I may have missed.

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I wanne bump this issue.
I have exaclty the same problem. I have it when playing Apex Legend . After 30 minutes (when monitor temps gets higher ) the monitor goes black , no OCD  and to revive i need unplug the powercord.

 I made a video of it :

I have got it rma'd.
I printed this topic for them to help with the problem and how to fix it . They did not replicate the problem, ( they did the test with hdmi and 60hz on a laptop!!) 
But they preventive replaced the motherboard and updated to latest firmware (it was already on 1014 with old mobo)

Yesterday i got it back and started Apex legend. Unfortunately, black screen is still there when heated up. It is actually even WORSE!. I have it sometimes with 144hz enable and watching youtube!

Im getting sick of this monitor. I don't want it anymore because this monitor is bad by design!

Ive got samsung support from whatsapp but they response is non-existent.
The only thing i want is a refund. What are the steps i need to do?

System spec
AMD Ryzen 5900x
Radeon RX 6900XT

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Same issues as above. I now have a desktop fan pointed to the back of the monitor because it seems as if it may be a heat issue. I saw a post on reddit where this man "fixed" his issue by removing the plastic cover in the back and mounting a 120mm to the metal post.

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Hey Guys,  Just wanted to let you know .Samsung gave me a new G7 27inch and for now i don't have any black screen issue anymore. The back of the screen isn't even warm after a full day of stress testing. (it was hot with my last G7).

note: i needed allot of reference to get that (forumpost, my own youtube video etc....)


I just realised I never updated this thread.
I had to send my monitor back for repair around 4 times, the repair company got so annoyed at samsung making me send it back for repair they just ended up replacing everything in my monitor, basically giving me a new one. Though up until the final repair I believe the panel itself was the only thing they had not replaced, so the issue could just be faulty panels.

I found ways to reliably replicate it using Youtube, gaming and even just browing certain websites however whenever Samsung tested it they didnt use the same settings I told them about either.

Sounds like Samsung made you jump through all the hoops I had to, It was rediculous, however I have had no issues with my monitor since. Though I was without a monitor for almost 2 months within the first 4 months of owning it due to Samsung saying my only option was repair.  

Due to how shocking Samsung customer service was I wont be buying from them again, nor recommending them.


Nah. From my observations it would overheat if brightness was set to more than ca. 70. Probably it was making more heat than light above some threshold. What happened is they've cut the max. brightness with newest firmware. Nobody will re-review a year old monitor...

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What do you mean by " They have cut the max brightness ?" My monitor can still go at 70+ brightness.


I found this post because i think my monitor is also overheating, i have the 1016.1 firmware right now and my black screen problem is this : 


I have 3 different monitors, the G7 in the middle, the other on each sides.

Google chrome ( without Hardware acceleration )on the left, discord (With Hardware acceleration) on the right.


I play a game and after a while when i alt tab or click on a other monitor my monitor would freeze and go black screen, i would still be able to hear discord vocal & youtube videos, but after 15s the discord app & game would crash and i would lose audio on google chrome audio for  1-3s 

After all that, the monitor display came back. At first i thought it was my GPU, or PSU,RAM,CPU... or even motherboard that was faulty. Changed all that and i still have the same EXACT problem.


I have the same 3 TDR errors in my event viewer. So thought it was my display port cable, but i exchange the one from my left monitor to my G7 and the one from the G7 to my left monitor.

So with the DisplayPort cable switched i thought the first screen to go black would be the LEFT with the G7's display port cable, BUT i used the RIGHT monitor with Discord and the freeze still happen and the G7 turn black first like always.


So i searched on reddit and found some post about overheating G7 Odyssey, but the post are mostly 1 year old and my blackscreen aren't mostly non-recoverable, it just take 40s of black screen and discord + game crash with 3 TDR errors.

So i don't know if samsung did a weird restart of the monitor when it overheat, but my problem NEVER happen when i play a game, it only happen when i ALT TAB or CLICK other screen window. I would never black screen while playing ONLY

I play with

Gsync ON
Brightness 75 ( lowered it to 65 to test because of your comment) 
Local dimming OFF

For my setup imagine a table 190x90   o = monitors |o o ô|   ^ = my pc 

My pc is on blowing from the back to the left and my room temp aren't that cool... I'm playing with my door closed and it can get quite hot inside. This problem first happen in mid March, so the temp were already going up, but last summer i got 0 problem tho with the same setup.

So why i do think that's might be a heat problem ? This problem can happen twice in a VERY short time ( 30min) while playing alot and NOTHING in 1 week. 

BUT  i don't know why my blackscreen would happen differently that all of you, like i said, my black screen are CRASHING my apps and making WINDOWS TDR errors. When i read some of your reddit post, this isn't the case at all. 

So maybe Samsung released a firmware that make the monitor restart when the heat is too much and the ALT tab/click on other monitor... is making the heat sensor doing a temp CHECK and so the heat is too high and the monitor restart making the graphic driver crash and restart

I have 2 of my friend that have this monitor but none of them have this problem, and they have 75 brightness too, but i might be the only one with the PC blowing HOT air on the monitor tho... I'm thinking of changing my setup or just have a better room cooling ( Like open the door more often lol ) 


But i would gladly hear you, or anyone with the same problem here, i knew this monitor was running hot, but this was still the LAST thing i searched to troubleshoot this problem, you need to understand that i change EVERY parts of my PC because i thought it was an hardware related problem... I might still change the Display port because i would need more length if i want to more farther my pc from the monitor

Sorry for the long post and my english isn't perfect ( French here )

Aa  Bb
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Thanks for the detailed information.

I set up my 1007 firmware LS32BG750NPXEN Yesterday and was immediately met with very short blackouts when opening certain apps (Can recreate it all the time opening Comodo Internet Security - I believe it creates a gpu shader cache file when launching its gui...). 

I saw another thread that mentioned checking the cable, so I did that first. My Older CHG70 used the supplied DP cable, but I noticed the Oddysey came with a "8k" stamped DP cable, so I swapped to that. With no change.

I then tried to disable VRR on the monitor, no change.

Then I tried changing the local dimming settings, no change. screen would still black out for a second ocasionally.

Then I set the display refresh rate from 165 to 120 and so far it seems to be stable.

Disappointed that RTINGS wrote nothing about this, as the review there was the reason I got this monitor to begin with.