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Odyssey G7 - Screen stuck on black and OSD Menu does not show.

(Topic created on: 05/04/21 19:22)
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I just bought this maybe a month ago, so it has the newest firmware (I double checked after setting it up).  My pc went into sleep mode earlier but when I turned it back on nothing shows up at all. Just a black screen. Even pressing the menu joystick fails to get the OSD menu to show. I can turn the monitor off and on though.

Technically this happened twice now, the first time I was able to get it to come back after unplugging the power source from the monitor. But after a second time of going to sleep and turning my computer back on again, its back to all black. I've tried all manner of combination of unplugging power source and input source to no avail. I even tried the DP and HDMI wires on a different laptop and different monitor. They work fine, so its not the wires. I even tried the G7 on another laptop and still same black screen issue.

A couple times, the screen started to flicker back on to show my desktop but that never lasted more than .5 seconds. It did happen a few times. One "series" of flickers seemed to happen when I was messing with the power cord.

I'm not sure what to do at this point, I've even rebooted in safe mode and restarted, shut the computer down for a bit and turned it back on. But nothing. Everything else is fine, even the laptop recognizes that the G7 is plugged in and has it listed as one of the active monitors (I run a dual monitor set up, the G7 and a Lenovo, plus the laptop screen. Though generally I close the laptop lid and that screen is off).

Computers & IT

Try to reset monitor settings and see if issue persists on bone stock settings.