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Issues with galaxy book Go stuck on recovery page

(Topic created on: 28-02-2024 08:25 AM)
First Poster

My laptop attempted to do an update I'm not sure for what but immediately after it went to a blue recovery screen and now I cannot use my laptop I've contacted Samsung who asked me to send in my laptop without telling me what it will cost to fix the laptop and I've probably used this laptop less than 3 hours total since I purchased it two years ago I just never liked not being able to add icons to the home screen still it would be nice to have a laptop that works but I can't figure out how to fix this problem and after contacting Samsung they don't even admit that they have a problem which is complete nonsense because I've done enough research to know that I'm not the only one that stuck on this blue recovery screen. And I wonder why they can't quote me a price to fix it if all models of this laptop had the same issue it should be pretty standard that it would cost the same for me in California as it does for someone in Texas and the same price for someone in New York as it cost a person in Florida I just want some honesty and a computer that works when I need it the thought that I'm throwing all this money in the garbage is very concerning and depressing.