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CRG9 not waking from sleep mode

(Topic created on: 16-07-2020 03:47 PM)
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I've had this monitor for 3 weeks, and when windows puts the display to 'sleep' the monitor won't wake it flashes on with 'Display port 2' (which my pc is connected to, and i have to press the power button on the monitor to bring it back, why is this happening?

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Same problem on U32R59.  I know it is the monitor because another UHD monitor wakes up everytime.  This one stays asleep 2 out of 10 times.  Different HDMI cable, same problem.  Samsung support walked me through a Reset All, but that did not fix it.

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Is there anyone from @Samsung? Any @Samsung technical support? Or is this a wrong place for asking a help?

The topic is marked as solved, but it does NOT indeed. There are many other complains about this series of Samsung monitors, here are few samples from google:

Unfortunately I am absolutely disappointed. My PC boot time without this monitor is approx 22s (ubuntu os). With connected Samsung CRG9 I have to wait more than 2 minutes for a very first screen view. When I lock the OS and few second later or hours later try to unlock, the monitor is still in sleep mode, not waking up.

As mentioned before, I was trying different settings, different cables types and brands. Do I have to change my PC also?

My question to @Samsung:

1. This monitor is under warranty.  Can I return this monitor? I think this is a hardware issue, otherwise you would provide users with SW patch.

2. Can you recommend me any HW GPU and DP cable which guarantee the monitor will work as expected? On what HW set this monitor was tested (PC/GPU, OS, cables etc)?