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Answer from Samsung HQ about scanlines with G7/G9/Neo G9

(Topic created on: 27-08-2021 05:21 PM)
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For people that has scanlines on their G7/G9/Neo G9 and having difficulties to reach basic Samsung monitor support in their country, I was able to reach the Samsung HQ and got their answer: "Scanlines are because of the limitations of the screen". Some people may say that it is all the monitors that has this problem but my support said it is not all :

" when you search the internet for an problem about an product it will always look like it is an major issue and that every product has that issue.This is an distorted view. The reason this view is distorted is because we can see the full picture.Let 's take this case for example.You have scanlines on your monitor. Of course you think "Wait is this normal?"The next thing you do is you do an google search and here you find an 1000 post about people with the same problem.Of course all alarm bels will go of and you will think that every monitor has the same ever what you can not see is the amount of monitors that have been sold world wide and do not have that issue.If there were sold 1 million devices and of those 1 million 1.000 have an problem. it is still an amazing product. but the 999.000 people who have an great monitor with out issues.will not post about it. "

I hoped that it could be fixed with a firmware update but it seems we can't...

They ask me if I could give them the monitor to inspect that on their side and give a replacement but I refused because I don't know if it will be the same...

I have scanlines for these images, but maybe it will be different for you:







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Last year I got the G9. It had scanlines. I got a replacement from Amazon twice. Both had scanlines. I've send all of them back and waited for the G9 Neo in the hope they fixed it. I got it now a week ago. It has scanlines. And they say "not all of them have scanlines"? I highly doubt that. It just looks like most people just don't care.


Also "limitation of the screen" sounds like all of them should have it. I guess it is some limitation of the technology. Maybe the Black Equalizer out of some reason?!

Computers & IT

Same here. 
I had a g9 (call it screen nr 1, I bought more) scan lines. Dead pixel arrived when used in 240hz no dead pixel existed on lower hz in month. 

I had this nr 1 monitor on service and bought a new one in case. Screen nr 2. My second g9 had scan lines and a dead pixel (or green sub pixel) just 3h after I turned on 240hz. 

I got my nr 1 back I put it in my wife room. She used it in 3 month (60hz) no dead pixel. 
I sent my second g9 for service for the dead pixel and put back the nr 1 g9 that my wife used. 

It took 2 days and dead pixel and scan lines in 240hz. 

So I bought a new instead the neo one :smiling-face:  And guess? Yes scan lines at 240hz...

So if it's 1000 of 1 million that only have my problem then I must be the unluckiness man on earth. 3 screens bought on different time span with exactly the same issue. 

And 5 sold screens from a retailer near me, 3 of them posted on a forum about the same problem. The 2 others might not run the screen in 240hz I guess. 

Two friends of mine also got the old g9. They have the exactly same problem now when they got hands on GPU that can make the monitor run in 240hz. 

So it's so strange for me that we must be the 1000 of 1 million. For me it's 100% of all screens I have seen, tested IRL. So it's maybe more like 1000 are fine 1 million are not!