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UE32T5300 TV Number of Smart Apps will not work

(Topic created on: 20-12-2023 08:28 AM)

After some time using Sky I decided that I was not really using it for most of the channels and as my UE32T5300 had apps for most of the channels I watch or want to catch up on I thought I would try them out but it seems most of them do not work.

Apps I've tested that do not work.

ITVX = Just loads the splash screen with the Domino's logo at the bottom.

My5 = Loads the app but no selected program will load just a spinning circle

Channel 4 & UKTV Play = Loads the app but as soon as it tries to play any program the beginning adverts won't count down the second or play the ads.

Rakuten tv = Will play live TV but again anything that needs to load any type of advert it won't start.

Apps I've tested that do work.

Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV & BBC iPlayer all seem to work without any issues.

Things I've tried to do to fix the problem.

Factory reset.

Smart Hub reset.

Full Power cycle.

Changed the DNS settings.

Using a wired & Wi-Fi connection.

Removed Apps and reinstalled them.

Power cycled my router.

Removed all HDMI cable, TV aerial cable, USB drive (so basically the TV is in it's standard state)

Nothing above works to solve the problem and even tried updating the TV but there are no new updates from December 2022.

Every app that does not work on the TV works fine on my Samsung phone using the same internet connection as my TV and all work fine on the PC.

I think the issue has something to do with the adverts that these apps try and play before a program or movie but that is only what I think could be happening.

Does anyone have any suggestions or am I SOL and just go and buy a streaming stick instead if I want these apps to work. It's not like this TV is very old so these apps should work IMO.

Any help would great thanks.



I had this exact issue on my Q80a. I posted about it in detail but in summary a firmware update to the router resolved my issues.
Helping Hand
The TV is "old" by TV numbers its T series so 2020 but in sure it's a rebadged 2018?

Smart stick is the way to go.

If its add related to ads that a really cool shout! Could it be a VPN or something on the router blocking it?