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Q90R missing easy win features

(Topic created on: 30-03-2020 09:59 AM)
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So I got my Q90R (full set up) about a week ago, and starting to wonder if I should have gone with my original instincts and bought Bose. I feel that whilst the sound reproduction is good, it's not great, and Samsung have missed a number of easy-win features that would have made it a market leading set up in its price range:


- why does it not include a GUI through HDMI Arc for easier set up?

- why is there no 'Music' mode taking full advantage of rear speakers and sub when playing music content?

- why have Samsung not leveraged Smart Things app to offer an automated set up wizard? Like Bose AdaptiQ? Surely the app could use internal mics of phone/tablet running the Smart Things app to monitor and feedback individual speaker levels to create a custom sound profile for Q90R that works best with your room shape and set up?


These are all fairly simple software implementations that would elevate the product to a whole new level! I don't understand why they weren't already thought of and implemented, especially with the product being co-designed by such a reputable sound engineering partner (Harmon Kardon).


Rant over! Feel free to add your own suggestions for making this product better!