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UBD-K8500 sound problem

(Topic created on: 26-02-2018 12:47 PM)
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I have a UBD-K8500 Blu-ray player which I bought about one year ago. The player is connected with HDMI 1 to an Onkyo TX-NR636. This setup has been working flawlessly from day one.

I have not used the unit for a couple of months so last night when i powered it up it asked me to if I wanted to update the firmware, which I agreed to. The unit was then updated to version 1014.


After the update I tried to play a DVD. What I discovered was that is now as no sound. This had never been a problem before.  I also tried to use one of the built in apps which I have used before an know that will work well. I was not able to get any sound from those either. -I have not done any changes to my setup since the last time it worked. 


Some of my settings:

Sound output "Auto" (this I also tried to set to HDMI 1, with same result)

Bitstream (Also tried PCM with same resoult)


When connected to HDMI 1 on the player i recieve only picture. Tried to move the HDMI cable to HDMI 2, then i got only sound, no picture (as excpected)


Is this a known fault with the lastest software? When connected to HDMI 1 I see that my reciever does not recive any stream at all (no DTS nor Dolby or other information in the display) The Reciver do have support for HDMI2.0, HDR and 4K.


I have not tried with a seperat audoi-cable from the unit.


Any suggestions? (by the way; I have tried factory reset a couple of times with no luck)


Best regards




I sorry for my english.


I Have the same problem after the update my ubd-k8500 can't read the DTS sound. I try another Samsung Blu-Ray whitout the update and it work great.


I try all the same think as the other guys and nothing works.


Can you help us pls or do another patch.


Thank you