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soundbar(hw-j6000 ) disconnects from subwoofer (PSW-J6000) when turned off

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Hi All,


Whenever i turn off the soundbar from the remote the subwoofer appears to reset itself which results in having to manually pair every time before the soundbar is powered on.


The following sequence happens:

1. Soundbar turned off and link light blinks slowly.

2. After 30 secs standby light comes on and link light goes solid.

3.  Then after about 5 secs standby light goes out and link light starts flashing rapidly (lost connection.


i thought this could be a software bug so updated the software which is now at:

M 1003.2

B 1005.0

H 0058

WVMR 082


But its doing it so i am thinking its a HW probelm as its like the subwoofer just forgets the pairing.




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Hi, seems there is a 1005 software version. I am not sure exactly what the changes are (actually if someone knows please share).


When you turn it back on is it connected to subwoofer?



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Thanks for replying.


No it just stays disconnected and has to be manually paired.


I fairly sure I've applied that update but I tried it again anyway and it just said nothing to read.



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Not sure exactly what might be the cause, but I was reading something that reminded me your problem, maybe worth to try out. 

if the units are far away. Try moving them closer together. 

Have you changed something in on your WiFi lately? Some users with different sound bars point out that either the 2.4G or the 5G might interfere with the sound bar link with subwoofer and other speakers. Try switching off the router or changing the channel of the WiFi. 

Also, if you have not done it yet, try to reset the sound bar. Don't remember exactly but is a combination of buttons (maybe + and -). 

good luck!


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Yeah ruled out wireless problems by switching router off and moving unit closer to standby.


Reset, upgrade the lot to no avail.


Annoying lol.


Thanks for the input.





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