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Running 2 Samsung HW-Q800A in same house

(Topic created on: 08-02-2022 05:43 PM)
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Hi all

    I already own a Samsung HW-Q800A conected to a Samsung QE55QN95A tv , and I am very pleased with it, so much so I was thinking of f buying another for another room, so before buying and to see if I mite have a problem, I tried taking just the soundbar and connected it with a Sony Bravia XR50X90JU in another room upstairs, and it played great, the problem was when I went to my other TV downstairs the subwoofer which I left downstairs was playing what I had playing upstairs, so obviously the soundbar and woofer have stayed conected, so is it possible to have 2 HW-Q800A play in the same house without interfering with each others signals. Thanks for any advice.


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I've currently just bought a second one and I'm having issues. It all worked fine to start with - then, on day 2 EARC stopped working on one TV and it seemed to only want to connect to the wrong soundbar via WiFi. 

I unplugged both soundbars and the TV. Turned the TV back on and then the connected soundbar - and it all hooked up nicely again and all was well with the world.

Day 3 the other soundbar on the other TV was sounding a bit tinny. The sub wasnt working. Turns out it had connected itself to the sub downstairs. Again, unplugged all soundbars and TVs and turned the TV on then the connected soundbar - and all is well again.

This is as far as my story goes as Im still on day 3.. but if it keeps this up I'll be getting rid of the second one before the week's out.