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Q950T does not recognise external devices

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Hi, just received a Q80T tv and Q950T soundbar, all set-up, the tv and soundbar work in synch, Netflix works fine


But my cable box and Xbox sound do not come through soundbar, only tv speakers.  HDMI 1 and 2 on Soundbar dont recognise anything being connected.


If i unplug the soundbar I can get them to work, but as soon as I put the TV into standby it the soundbar seems to lose the connection and doesnt recognise the devices.


Any suggestions?

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I have been thinking about buying this as I have the N950 the former flagship bar from a few years back. During my research into the Q950T soundbar I have found mostly good reviews, but some reviewers feel that the bar was rushed out to market with some of the functions feeling as if they required some final software tweaks. I also found that a software update has been released, I don't know if you've aware of this, either check this out via the SmartThings app, or go to the official Samsung downloads page that's linked at the bottom of the Q950T product information page.
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Wasn't aware of teh update, but will check to see if it is applied.

Samsung online support sort of resolved this morning, but in a work-around, now the source i need to use is 'Soundar' form tv, then change input on soundbar to hdmi1 or 2.  Not seamless as it should be, but useable (however not easy for other family members to remember).


you probably have done this but just in case check to see if the Anynet+ feature is active on both the TV & the Q950T. I remember when I first got my soundbar I was confused as I thought Anynet+ was an Internet feature and nothing to do with the auto on/off or source switching functions. I also downloaded the instruction pdf for your Q950T & saw this "In case the TV is not connected via HDMI TO TV (eARC/ARC) Check whether the HDMI cable is correctly connected to the ARC terminal. (See page 20.)
Connection may not be possible due to the connected external device (set-top box, game machine, etc.). Directly connect the Soundbar.
HDMI-CEC may not be activated on the TV. Turn on the CEC on the TV menu. (Samsung TV: Home ( ) → Settings ( ) → General → External Device Manager → Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) ON)" As I said I think you've probably been down this route already, but I thought I'd better mention it just in case.


Can you please confirm if the Sound Bar gets TrueHD and DTS-MA via eARC?


How do i confirm this?  eARC shows on the sounbar led as source

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