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Q90R eARC sound disappearing

(Topic created on: 26-06-2022 07:42 PM)
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Hello I’m am writing  to you from Sweden that means I am a EU buyer. 

 I have three things connected. Everything I need to survive at home. 

A TV:  Samsung QN95AA 75 TV (it comes with a connect box) 

A Soundbar: Samsung HW-Q90R 

The PlayStation: Sony PS5

The TV and the Soundbar are connected to the Hdmi eARC and PS5 to the TV hdmi. 

Last update on Soundbar is 1012.6 and plug in version 3.1.85. The TV is updated. 

THE PROBLEM:  example 1: when I watch YouTube the sound works fine and then switch turn on my ps5 and switch the picture to PS5 the sound disappears and I have to turn both ps5 and tv to make sound work on ps5 via Soundbar. 


Example 2: If I play something on Netflix and switch to watch something on YouTube the sound disappears and the only way sometimes to get it back is to turn off the Soundbar and turn it back on again. 

Example 3: If a play a game on ps5 and the sound works and then turn off the ps5 to watch some YouTube there is no sound. It’s like the sound gets stuck on the sound to ps5. The only way to get back sound is if a turn on the ps5 and the only sound that works is the ps5 sound.

My sound disappears in so many different ways. That it’s a lottery if the sound will work from day to day. It’s kind of a robbery when I’ve payed 1500$ (Soundbar) and 3000$ (TV). 

Please help. I am getting tired of this and I am already looking forward for the future to not buy Samsung products.