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HW-Q80R - Automatically Disconnecting

(Topic created on: 27-12-2020 06:32 PM)

Hi Guys,


I am hoping somebody can help me with a really annoying and frustrating problem that I am experiencing.


My Q80R soundbar seems to disconnect / power down itself frequently after 20 minute cycles. This is really evident when using the Playstation 5, (TV and Soundbar are connected via HDM2 - eARC is enabled and is set to passthrough on the TV) . I have also seen this behaviour when watching a content on YouTube - the soundbar will just power itself off around every 20 minutes and this happens regularly. When I watch a movie via NetFlix or Streamed via Plex the soundbar seems to hold up and not disconnect.


Im really frustrated with this symptom and I cant seem to figure out why it could be doing this or how I can remedy it. I am on the latest firmware version - 1012.6 and have even disabled the AutoPower down option by holding the left direction button the remote control which then displays: OFF - AUTO POWER LINK.


I would appreciate any help or suggestions.