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Advice before purchase

(Topic created on: 19-10-2018 11:45 AM)
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Hello all,


Thought I would come to the best place to get some advice :smiling-face:


I need an upgrade to my bluray player. The one I have now is 4 years old and has no wifi or 4k features. However what I would like to know bofore buying is whether the one I have chosen, the UBD-M9500, will play any type of video file and audio file?


I recently bought a Sony player - which I am taking back to the shop for a refund - and it claimed to play everything, but when I went to try it, it didn't. I have many external hard drives full of video files transferred from old video tapes (I am a nostalgic tv geek) and they are all, mainly, in avi format but some played on the 'new' sony and some didn't. Many didn't actually and I don't have time to reformat them all to make them play.


Will this better Samsung player eradicate the problem of not being able to play some of the files? The player is reasonably priced but it is still a lot of money and I want to be sure that I won't encounter the same problem before I pay up for it.


Thank you for your time.





Much of the support of playing different video files comes from the software installed on the device, reasons for not supporting a format are licensing costs, support issues, piracy issues, i.e they'd rather you use a streaming service, and some hardware restrictions.  There are also hundreds or thousands of different variations of media file, and your best bet is a PC where if it isn't supported you have access to install the necessary software.


The only way you will know if your files are supported are to try them, but I doubt you will find the Samsung TV any better than anything else, quite possibly worse as they often use their own chipset, rather than an off the shelf chipset that the manufacturer has baked everything in to reach a wide customer base as possible.  Samsung tend to be 'you get what you are given and we are too busy getting next years new model ready to care about ever improving your experience!'


If you can, take some sample files into a shop and try them out on the TV, or perhaps edit some short clips in the format you use and upload them somewhere, I'm sure someone here would give them a go for you.