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Faulty HW-Q90R Subwoofer and so Frustrated with Samsung Support

(Topic created on: 30-03-2021 08:46 PM)
Hi, The subwoofer on my HW-Q90R is faulty. It has severe port chuffing when driven during bass intensive scenes in Dolby Atmos and DTS- X. It has never been above level 0 and the soundbar has never been above 28 for Atmos or DTS-X.
 It's still in warranty but Samsung are being really problematic and have me going in circles. 
 I'm really frustrated at the moment and decided to post the process I've been put through to vent some of my anger. 
 I began by contacting Samsung about the issue 5 months ago. The soundbar was booked in for repair. 
 It was collected, repaired and returned to me. Great I thought, not quite... 
 The issue still remained and it turned out that the service centre didn't even look at the subwoofer and instead just replaced a perfectly good main board on the soundbar. 
 I was furious about this. I contacted Samsung looking for a replacement as the repair process was a disaster. 
 They refused and said a 2nd repair would have to be attempted. If this failed then I would get a replacement. 
 Reluctantly I agreed. It was collected again by the service centre. This time I actually printed a description of the issue and taped it to the box so the technician would know the exact issue this time. 
 I was without the soundbar for a few weeks this time. I had to call the service centre and it turned out they had forgotten to return it to me. 
 The soundbar was returned to me then within a couple of days. To my amazement the issue still hadn't been fixed or even addressed as the service centre couldn't find the issue even though I had explained to them that only Full Blu-ray lossless Dolby Atmos and DTS-X would bring the issue to light. 
 So frustrated, I then contacted Samsung and asked for a replacement as my fault hadn't been fixed. They said it wouldn't be possible initially but then I had it escalated higher. I was called by a case manager who said she had contacted the service centre. She said the service centre would contact me, I should explain my issue and that the service centre was to report back to them. 
 I never received a call from the service centre. 
 Since then I have been involved in a number of online chats. They have given me a number to call. 
 I have rang the number, the advisor gave me an email to send my proof of purchase and case reference to for replacement. 
 I sent the email but got a reply saying they couldn't help and then proceeded to give me the same number that I'd just rang who had directed me to them. 
 I then called the number again. Got put on hold for 14mins then the the agent came back and just hung up. 
 Furious I went back into what must be my 10th chat. After about 20mins of back and forward I'm now being told that a 3rd repair must be attempted by the same service centre as before. 
 This is just unacceptable as the service centre can't fix the issue and are too arrogant to admit it or just replace a perfectly working component so they can rip Samsung off. 
 I have been a big supporter of Samsung, have used Samsung S series phones for years now, have had multiple Samsung soundbars and tvs etc but my brand loyalty could be coming to and end. 
 Samsung have treated me with disregard over this issue and have been sending me in circles.