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1010.5 Firmware Update for hw-Q70R/hw-Q80R/hw-Q90R Soundbars


Good morning friends.


I've performed the firmware update for my HW-Q90R soundbar.


Given that there is no official statement from Samsung with the details of the update  I would like to check with the community what new features have been included.


- How can I check now the firmware version on the bar, to check if the rears are updated as well? In the past just by holding the sound mode button on the remote with the soundbar off the different versions appeared on the display.

Now it is not case. Now by holding sound mode for 5 seconds with the bar off it enables a new functionality: Test Tone





- EARC functionality is enabled, this is great.

- Test tone: What it this for? It performs a test of the sound of the different channels, is it useful for anything else?

- Now in the sources appeared TV SPEAKERS, what is this for?


I would like to check specially if the update has included any update of the rears and subwoffer


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Hey! Are you sure that eARC is finally enabled? It should release an update for my Q90R TV also. It should be great if so because I'm waiting for eARC since I've bought my TV. 😁

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eARC!!! 😲🤯


Sorry, I know this has been a looooooong wait for you guys. (And for some of us on this side of things...)


Just some more official-type confirmation/advice on this one for you all, in case anyone needs it.  (Obviously only from a UK & Ireland perspective - but might also provide some help for those of you beyond these shores too.)


Software update does indeed enable HDMI eARC. 👍




Update either by OTN using SmartThings App; or by downloading from the relevant model's support page on


Unzip & write the folder SAT-HKW19WWC to the root of a USB > put the USB in the Soundbar > turn the Soundbar on and wait for "Update" to flash in the display. Once updated it will reboot.


In case of updating correctly it will only display eARC when connected to an appropriate eARC enabled TV, (Sadly, not the QE**Q90RATXXU as yet - and no news on that yet either.)


If it is connected to an eARC capable TV and still not displaying eARC


Disconnect the HDMI, then re-connect to force the EDID exchange between Soundbar and TV.




For those wondering about the displayed numbers, these are the full version numbers we've been given by HQ:



M - 0128.0

B - 1010.5 

H - 0051.0 

FD - 0040.0 

W - 0240.0

S - 0136.0

RR - 0136.0

RL -  0136.0


M -  0128.0 

B -  1010.5

H -  0051.0 

FD -  0040.0 

W -  0033.0 

S - 0033.0

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Hello There


Yesterday my soundbar as well performed the update to version 1010.5

What i noticed about this update is that the rear speakers they dont turn off (red light) when the soundbar is turned off.

Instead they keep flashing with the blue light like they are unpaired.


Any ideas how to fix that?

I did not experience that issue.


I've already managed to perform an update on Rears and Subwoffer. But the update process only lasted 3 seconds, after that the display showed "bye" and restarted.  So it seems that there is not update for sw and rears. 




Hey! Are you sure that eARC is finally enabled? It should release an update for my Q90R TV also. It should be great if so because I'm waiting for eARC since I've bought my TV. 😁

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For anyone who has the same problem i finally managed to fixed it.


It seemed that the subwoofer was affected by the update. What happened was that i tried to unpair the woofer and speakers and pair them again. What i found in the mean time was that the woofer id button didnt work. Therefore i had to unplug the woofer and plug it again. I redid the pairing process and now everything is working fine.





I just updated via the SmartThings app this morning to version 1010.5.  I also was unable to find any information on this update at this time.  It appears the support site for the Q90R has taken down the update files (which is what caused me to check for an update).


I did try holding down the Sound Mode button on my remote, but I do not get a Test Tone.  I've tried it with the bar powered ON and OFF.


Estevez1979 - Was the New Features you posted confirmed, or just best guesses?  If confirmed, why does the Sound Mode button not provide a Test Tone for me?



Hi @Namdnas

I've tested myself this morning. And I've re chechecked again right now.

With the power off, press sound mode button for a few seconds and then the testing tone text will appear on the display, and then it will check the sound of every speaker.

"TV Speakers" it only appears on the display with the TV off. I do not know what that is.

Thanks! I got it finally. Had to hold it closer to 10-12 seconds instead of 5. Lol


so excited to see this update, finally!


To check the firmware version on the soundbar, do the following:


With the soundbar off (but plugged to the electricity), push and hold the sound control button on the remote (the one with the gearshape) for a few seconds. The led display will show "On" and the firmware version will scroll.


This is what I am seeing on my soundbar after updating the firmware via SmartThings:




Just wondering what everyone else is getting on their soundbars.

I have the same numbers, i checked the rears and sub, have not been updated with the 1010.5 firmware (only the soundbar has) . I can't find any update files to update via usb so i don't know if the rears and sub need updating .

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