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Gear Sport Not Tracking Heart Rate When Exercising


So, there was a shealth update this morning, so I thought I would give it a check out, it seems to have helped but still had cut outs but smaller and the HR came back after and didn't flatline so need to do more rides and longer ones my commutes are only around 20min, I am way week so won’t get to try a longer ride till next week but would be interested on how other got on.


Here is the morning commute, I realised the HR was not working and wouldn’t pass data to the phone after the update so had to restart the watch hence the poor readings till 8:40 The gap at 8:50 and 10:13 are the watch going to shealth activity HR and then back to standard but the gap at around 10:06 till 10:11 is the watch not recording.




He is the lunch commute, the gap at 11:12 and 11:35 are the watch going to shealth activity HR and then back to standard but the gap at around 11:21 till 11:24 is the watch not recording




Now this seems like a bit of an improvement, but I had the odd OK days before the update on these shorter rides and still had cut outs which I didn't get with Gear Tracker and just using continuous HR recording without starting the shealth activity. So need more data and longer rides, would love to see how others are getting on before saying the update did anything for definite .


Did a slow casual ride this afternoon with a freind round the city. Extremely poor HR reading. Had 2 dashes for most of it. Samsung have to admit and resolve it. Its totally unaccetable!! 







Agreed Stevevdb30000

There's an obvious problem with the Samsung Health app on the watch.

Again, I have another screenshot from my ride today. Using the alternative app 'Gear tracker' to upload to Strava, the heart rate recorded consistantly without stopping. This reinforces the fact that this problem is with the app and not the actual hardware (optical HR sensor).

Record workout via Samsung health app, issue with HR recording.

Record workout via third party app, no issues with HR recording.Screenshot_20180604-131642_Strava.jpg



Morning all. 

And so it goes on.... 

I have had good results recently from my HR monitoring, until this morning. I ran to work 4.5 miles and all through the run my watch showed only the 2 dashes on the screen. When I checked my app I got a flat line at around 100 bpm, whilst the HR box on my dashboard of the app says 0-0 range?? 

While I agree there must be an issue with, I am concerned there is also an issue with the actual hardware? It can't be the fault of the app if the watch isnt reading HR during the exercise? I'm no tech wizard but to me,even if the app isnt reading correctly,the watch should still record correctly? If the watch is faulty,How does one go about getting a refund? 

I am so disappointed,I had great hopes for my Samsung watch after months of problems with Fitbit 😕 


Thanks for updating us, the reason we dont believe there is a hardware issue is because as others have proved, 3rd party apps are working fine with no drop outs. Secondly, i have gone through 3 brand new gear s3's and 2 brand new gear sports and 1 gear fit 2 pro and all have this issue. Defiantely an issue with the app.


I see. Sorry I'm not massively tech minded 🙄 I have read through recent messages as I have been away. 

Have paid for and installed the gear tracker app suggested by Ricky on here and we'll see how it goes. Seems to have very good reviews so fingers crossed. 


Hi Celiawheelia,


No problem,  it's quite a complicated problem to get your head around which took a lot of trouble shooting. To recap, the reasons the problem points to the workout recording on the Samsung Health app and not the hardware of the watch:

- If you check your heart rate manually through the day using the watch it works fine. By this I mean either, using the widget, just going into the Samsung Health app and scrolling down to HR or looking at continuous HR monitoring whilst not recording a workout.

- Heart rate records fine in 3rd party apps whilst recording a workout.

- The problem only appears whilst recording a workout using the Samsung Health app. 


You should definitely have more success with the gear tracker app. Let us know how you get on.


Its great that theres a workaround but i bourght this devixe expecting to use the s-health app just like i did with my old gear s2. Therefore it needs to get resolved. Any updates from the mod's?


Thanks so much and I will let you know. However,I have had issues with general HR readings via the widget. Unless I have it on constant reading the watch only reads hr when I am still! I still think the HR readings are better on other watches,I never had issues with this with my fitbit, loads of others mind you. 

I'll keep an eye on it and see how I get on over the next couple of weeks. 

Thanks for all your help


Hi Celiawheelia,


If you have the auto HR setting set to 'frequent' the watch will measure your heart rate every 10mins only if you are still.

Setting that to 'always will take continuous readings regardless of whether you are still or not. Unfortunately this setting does not work whilst recording a workout.


No problem for the help. Hopefully we should all get some help from Samsung in the coming weeks.

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