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Galaxy watch rash


I sure did, please see the attached pic.. lol wasn't much of a help but atleast they acknowledged my concern.. Screenshot_20190621-120336_myMail.jpg


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I have the same thing on my wrist but because I have sensitive pale skin it looks far more red.


I wanted to see if there has been any conclusions to this? I as well am experiencing this issue, However I have found a few self-tested solutions to try. 


1. loosen your watch. I have a circle rash under where the watch sits and I have found that it helps significantly to loosen the band to allow for any moisture that gets under the watch to dissapate. I have been using a silicone protective cover which if tightened too much causes no room for any moisture to leave. Especially if you are doing things like washing your hands frequently which I do hope everyone is doing anyways!


2. Turn off the heartrate sensor from monitoring automatically. I do not know if this is a contributing factor to the rash, but it seems to be conviently located in the small circle of the monitor. I turned mine off to allow for me to take my  HR when I want to, but to not do it automatically. 


after doing these 2 things I noticed an improvement after 3 days and the rash is almost gone. To clarify I wear my watch continusly with a break to charge it.  Thanks for reading and hopefully this will help!

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I also have this problem. I have had the watch for one month. Love the watch but now this red rash has shown up. I take it off for showering. Very fustrating.Samsung S3 Classic Rash.jpg

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I purchased a stainless steel mesh band from Amazon and I haven't had any further issues. I would prefer that Samsung accept responsibility but that doesn't seem likely.

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Samsung never accepts responsibility for anything including blasting batteries for their products. I purchased a pure leather belt for my watch from Amazon. I do not like Steel belts. They feel heavy. Since I started using Leather belt, I can wear my watch daily without any issues. Which again proves that Samsung's sub-standard belt material is the reason.


i am also having marks left on my wrist with the 46mm galaxy watch strap

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@bertybasset1 wrote:

i am also having marks left on my wrist with the 46mm galaxy watch strap










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Sorry but that disclaimer is a crock of you know what. I am a very active 54 year old Male and have worn watches of every kind my whole life and never had an allergic reaction until I purchased this watch. My bet is you guys skimped and used cheap materials. 

Most of us paid top dollar for this watch and Samsung needs to correct the problem.

End of story.

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