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Galaxy Watch/Gear smartwatches - How do you submit an Error Report?


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 Is a hardware problem or it will be fixed with a new update?


Otherwise I'm returning the watch as I'm tired to restart it several times every day


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Three weeks of reporting constant errors re steps/floors/sleeping etc and still no resolution. I may return and just get the fitbit I wanted.....
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This week we finally had the the first update here in UK. 


It seems to have improved a bit the step count. It does count now... sometimes ... when you do a few steps at a time around the house. It still looses way more steps then s3. It seems, in my case at least, that when the watch switches from AOD to active screen sometimes the step count gets frozen for a few seconds. When it unfreeze it does add a few of the "lost" steps, but not all.


Heart rate wit always on seems to work better in passive mode, still ***** when tracking walking, running, etc... 


Sleep tracking seems better, duration wise. It is still not showing deep/motionless stages... showed once 8 minutes out of a 4 hr sleep.. And that's it.


Location locking on workouts still takes forever. 


Altimeter still useless. 


Guess I'll wait one more patch before returning the watch


I've made a seperate post on this specific problem. But is there a way to improve the accuracy of the gps? It's truly out of control. This is on a MTB.Screenshot_20181012-212616_Samsung Health.jpg


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I think after reading all the below unhappiness I will just just return my galaxy watch..


The whole point of this was to monitor heartbeat etc while exercising and the heart rate is just stuck at 105bpm and has been for 2 days.. i am absolutely fuming angry with this and it looks like samsung is as bad as updating this as they are at updating my galaxy s8+.. 


Does anybody know samsungs direct complaint route because the watch is not fit for the purpose it is marketed for


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Spot on.......

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Thanks. I have already submited issue regarding altimeter accuracy. How you fix it soon

@CalinB wrote:

Why are you surprised about this, they were unable to copy/paste the sensor firmware from s3 to galaxy watch. They pretty much named the galaxy watch os tizen 4 so it would have an extra feature altho is identical to tizen 3 released this year...


Right now I have both gear s3 an galaxy watch on my wrists as I'm doing some tests. 


S3 has 18700+ steps galaxy has 16000, an this is due to doing 2 long walks. If there would have been lots and starts and stops like moving around an office the gap would have been way larger.


The sleep tracking on galaxy is a joke, 2 days ago I found it trackingy sleep an hour after I've doesn't work properly with hr always on or frequent. 


Location takes a couple of minutes, if not more, to lock on with running app active.


HR monitor takes breaks whenever it wants... 


Altimeter is even more useless then on gear s3... Never thought that would be possible...


Lately I see the watch waking up from time to time even without moving it. This goes on even while on the Samsungs duo charger. Sometimes is more frequent sometimes rarely happens. A factory reset helped for 2 days...


What freakin report would I send to describe this?.... 



Rant over lol

The heart rate monitor issue has been well reported going back to January of this year.  Why has Samsung done nothing to solve this software issue?  The issue affects multiple wearables and is global and has been very well documented on this and other forums.  I am extremely disappointed to have spent the money I did to purchase a device that is so poorly supported.

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