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Pool swim tracking with Watch5 / Pool-length / Updating workouts

(Topic created on: 24-01-2023 02:53 PM)
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Do you know if there is any way to edit an already tracked activity, like a swim session?

While most details are logged and continuously tracked by the watch, there are things we are feeding in, like the length of the pool. In my case, I am using both 25m and 50m pools and tend to forget to set the right length in advance from time to time. Resetting this attribute mid-way or at the end would simply mean that stats are recalculated properly and would not result in fundamental changes with regards to time, strokes, heart rate, etc. to the workout itself.

Alternatively, could we have two workout icons with pool-lengths pre-set? So, the same activity type, but two entry points for tracking. Again, this would be much easier this way, especially when we are in conditions when touch navigation is not that easy to handle. (E.g. starting a swimming workout with a single tap is kind of okay with already wet hands, but looking for underlying settings, dropdown lists for selecting length options, etc. are not that easy.)