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Tab A 10.1 2019 Will not accept a Note 9 as a Trusted Device?

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I just bought a new 2019 10.1 Tab A tablet.  This is the one wihout an S-Pen.


I want to use my Samsung Note 9 phone as a "trusted device" to keep my tablet unlocked when it's close to my phone.


I connected the tablet to my phone via Bluetooth which seemed to work fine.

And when I go to settings on my Tab A to add it as a trusted device, it shows up on the list (because it's paired to my tablet via Bluetooth). 

However, when I select the phone from the list, a message comes up:  "Can't connect Note 9".  


To make sure I was doing this correctly, I tried using a Bluetooth mouse as a "trusted device", which worked just fine!


I can't find any reference on the web to determine why I can't use my phone as a trusted device.

This would be the ideal solution since my phone is with me all the time.


Can anyone help?  Thanks!

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